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Hammerhead sharks

Shark expert and freediver joins IUCN’s ocean conservation mission

Despite the high profile media attention sharks receive, relatively little is known about their biology. Of those shark species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™, nearly half are listed as Data Deficient, which means that we do not have enough information to assess their conservation status. …  

20 Dec 2013 | Video

Red List Video

IUCN Red List brings news on mammals

The most comprehensive assesment of the world's mammals has confirmed an extintion crisis. IUCN experts talk about the main concerns on the 2008 Red List, challenges we face, and news on the 2009 List. …  

07 Oct 2008 | Video

Tapirs are the bigest herbivores in the Peruvian Amazon

The timid creatures of the Amazon

What are these pony-sized, piglike funny-looking animals? Should we be afraid of them or are they going to run away from us? Mathias Tobler, a member of the Tapir Specialist Group is currently working in the Peruvian Amazon with the Andes to Amazon Biodiversity Programme. Focusing mainly on plants and mammals, their on-the-ground research is contributing to the conservation of tapirs and other species in the region. He tells WildTalk why  tapirs are so important for maintaining the balance of ecosystems and what they're like.. …  

18 Jul 2008 | Audio

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