The DRWG members are suggested by the AfESG Chair and presented to the members of the Specialist Group for approval each triennium or meeting.  All DRWG members must have appropriate technical expertise in survey work and/or GIS technology.  If the need arises, the Chair can appoint an acting DRWG member until the time arises when the acting member’s services are no longer required.  There is no formal Chair for the DRWG, however, the AfESG Secretariat is responsible for organising and co-ordinating all meetings and communications for the Working Group, and the AfESG Programme Officer is specifically charged with serving as the Secretary to the Working Group.

Specifically, the Data Review Working Group will:

  1.  Monitor the quality of data entered into the AED.
  2. Make strategic decisions concerning the management and all technical aspects of the AED.
  3. Approve a month-by month work programme for the AED manager and review progress.
  4. Oversee the production of the AED reports and publications, including African Elephant Status Reports.  These will be of two types: (a) factual reports showing maps, graphs, and tables with no interpretation; (b) interpretation and analysis of data from the AED.  In the latter case, the Working Group will ensure a balance between views from different African regions and Range States.
  5. Ensure that the AED is accountable to the members of the AfESG and to any data contributors.
  6. The Working Group, on behalf of the AfESG and any other data contributors, will be responsible for approval or rejection of each request for use of any digital AED data within the framework of the AfESG’s Data Access and Release Policy.

Membership of the Data Review Working Group: Dr. Colin Craig, Dr. Holly Dublin, Dr. John Hart, Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Dr. Chris Thouless and Mr. Julian Blanc