Global Antelope Survey and Action Plan

One of ASG’s major tasks has been to coordinate production of the Global Antelope Survey and Action Plan, published in four parts and completed in 2001. Each part provides baseline information on status, threats and conservation measures taken and needed in each range state, and highlights regional priorities for conservation:

Part 1: East and Northeast Africa
Part 2: Southern and south-central Africa
Part 3: West and Central Africa
Part 4: North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia

ASAP was supplemented by the monumental African Antelope Database 1998, compiled by Rod East, and still the most authoritative source of information on the status of antelopes south of the Sahara.

Antelope Survey Updates are published periodically to present new information on status, distribution and conservation initiatives. Nine have been published so far.

IUCN Red List

ASG is the Red List Authority for antelopes and is responsible for regular assessment of antelope taxa for the IUCN Red List and for contributing data to the Global Mammal Assessment. A review of the threat status of all antelopes has been finalized for the 2008 Red List which was released in September 2008. For details of current status see


ASG publishes a biannual newsletter 'Gnusletter'.


Other roles fulfilled by ASG are:

  • To provide advice on antelope conservation and priorities to IUCN, other inter-governmental organizations such as CITES, CMS, CBD, and to range state governments.
  • To provide technical expertise and assistance in facilitating development of national and sub-regional conservation strategies for antelopes.
  • To recommend appropriate guidance on antelope reintroductions

ASG does not manage or implement field projects itself, but members of the group are involved in many aspects of antelope conservation and research, especially those concerning threatened species.

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