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About Orchid Specialist Group OSG

The Orchid Specialist Group (OSG) of the Species Survival Commision (SSC) of IUCN - The World Conservation Union is an international network of professional and non-professional volunteers who are committed to the conservation and sustainable utilisation of orchid species and their habitats.

The OSG was first established in 1984 and now has approximately 200 members from around the world, including many leading scientists, with expertise in the various disciplines that are vital in implementing effective orchid conservation strategies.

Members include orchid taxonomists, ecologists, population biologists, data managers, commercial and amateur growers, in vitro propagation experts, seed bank managers, reintroduction and restoration specialists, nature reserve managers, specialists in conservation education and training and international wildlife legislation experts.

Organisations and societies with conservation interests are represented, including botanic gardens, herbaria, universities, nurseries, government departments and orchid societies.

Orchid Specialist Group Mission

To assist in international efforts to conserve plant diversity, by providing technical support and encouragement for the development and execution of programmes to study, document, save, restore and manage orchids and their habitats wisely.

Orchid Specialist Group Goals

  • To assess the conservation status of orchid species throughout the world; 
  • To identify conservation priorities for orchid species and their habitats and develop strategies for their conservation; 
  • To provide expert assistance for the conservation of orchid species diversity.

  • Schomburgkia superbiens (Lindl.) Rolfe
  • Coelogyne mooreana Rolfe