IUCN World Heritage Outlook

The IUCN World Heritage Outlook is live and the first Outlook report is now available!

You can download the IUCN World Heritage Outlook 2014 publication here. Check out www.worldheritageoutlook.iucn.org to access all site assessments.

The IUCN World Heritage Outlook provides the first global assessment of natural World Heritage through Conservation Outlook Assessments. These assessments are a projection of the potential for a natural World Heritage site to conserve its values over time, based on a desk-based assessment of:

  • The current state and trend of values
  • The threats affecting those values
  • The effectiveness of protection and management

Conservation Outlook Assessments also compile additional information on conservation issues, benefits and possible projects related to a site.

Backed by WCPA expertise, IUCN has developed this knowledge tool to fill the current knowledge gap on UNESCO natural World Heritage Sites and track their state of conservation.


  • Identify the most pressing conservation issues affecting natural World Heritage sites and support sites in addressing these issues.
  • Recognize well-managed sites for their conservation efforts and encourage the transfer of good management practices between sites.
  • Understand and communicate the benefits of sites for local communities and other stakeholders, for example livelihoods and ecosystem services.
  • Track the state of conservation of all natural World Heritage Sites over time and raise public awareness of their importance for biodiversity conservation


Mockup of the State of World Heritage website

The IUCN World Heritage Outlook will be presented in two ways, as a website and as regional and global reports. As it is currently at the development stage, access to assessments will be unfolded step by step.

Below, you can find examples that will illustrate the type of analysis and methodology used for each element of the Conservation Outlook Assessments.

Examples of assessments for the State of World Heritage

For more information please read the full brief or contact whconservation@iucn.org.