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Health warning: climate change will hurt

By Richard Waddington on behalf of IUCN In the slums of Nairobi, a city once shielded from many tropical diseases by its altitude, malaria has become a major killer. In China, a potentially lethal snail-borne disease is pushing north beyond the Yangtze river as winter temperatures grow milder.        

24 Sep 2008 | News story

Forest fire

Mediterranean forests are a buring issue

By Richard Waddington on behalf of IUCN From Lebanon to Lisbon, the Mediterranean summer produces more than just suntans; the dry heat so beloved of holidaymakers also creates the perfect conditions for forest fires.

15 Sep 2008 | News story

Sahel crops where woodland has been cleared for farming, Diourbel region, Senegal

The Ardvaark’s Happy Return

The ardvaark was one of the first, but other species of bird and animal have since returned to a once bare and desolate corner of Tigray in northern Ethiopia. …  

19 Aug 2008 | News story

West African fish market

World’s poorest on front line in climate change fight

Climate change is already happening – and it hits poor people most. The effect of more frequent hurricanes, floods and droughts on developing countries is devastating, as this year’s cyclone Nagris proved again in southern Myanmar, leaving over 130,000 people dead or missing.
To protect the world’s poor against today’s more frequent extreme weather events, some US$ 2 billion is required according to the Internacional relief agency Oxfam. However, commitments so far only total US$173.

24 Jul 2008 | News story