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Water professionals day - Symposium

Commemorating the 2015 Water Professionals’ Day in Sri Lanka

The Water Professionals’ Day was initiated in 2003 with the objective of promoting water resources research in Sri Lanka by providing a platform for the water professionals and the students to present and discuss their research findings related to water. Reaching its 13th milestone in 2015, the Water Professionals’ Day Symposium – 2015 was held on 1 October at the University of Peradeniya. The event was organized by Cap-Net Lanka, Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture and Geo-Informatics Society of Sri Lanka (GISSL). The theme of the symposium was “Water – Food – Ecosystem Nexus” with the aim to increase the understanding of inter-sectoral linkages for sustainable water management. …  

13 Oct 2015 | News story

Children on African rice plantation

Blog: Adapting to climate change through ‘action learning’

By Rebecca Welling. There is growing recognition that water security is critical for sustainable economic development, reducing poverty and adapting to climate change. Yet a key aspect often overlooked in efforts to meet this fundamental need is the role played by ecosystems such as rivers, floodplains and wetlands – or ‘natural infrastructure’. …  

13 Oct 2015 | News story

Closing session of Eye on Earth Summit held from 6 - 8 Oct in Abu Dhabi

Eye on Earth Summit calls for practical actions to support informed decision-making and the 2030 sustainable development agenda

Abu Dhabi, 13 October 2015 - The second Eye on Earth Summit, held last week, has concluded with a commitment by delegates to implement a number of mechanisms, recommendations and practical actions around the supply, demand and enabling conditions of data considered essential to support informed decision-making and the 2030 sustainable development agenda. …  

13 Oct 2015 | News story

FFI, 2013A-057, Cape Verde, Mobula thurstoni, SOS Save OUr Species

Shark conservation project first: identification of juvenile Bentfin Devil Ray in Cape Verde

So much remains to be understood about the oceans and the life they harbour. The recent discovery of a juvenile Bentfin Devil Ray (Mobula thurstoni) in waters near Cape Verde by members of an SOS grant-funded team working for IUCN Member Fauna and Flora International (FFI) is a tantalizing reminder of that.   …  

12 Oct 2015 | News story

Integrantes de microcuencas

Intercambio de Experiencias

Guatemala, 29 de septiembre 2015. Representantes de los consejos de microcuenca del proyecto “nuestra cuenca Goascorán” Honduras, visitaron la microcuenca Esquichá de Tacaná, San Marcos, Guatemala; donde tuvieron la oportunidad de conocer la organización, gestión e implementación de proyectos ambientales, sociales e incentivos forestales así como las actividades del proyecto DANIDA Proambiente.

12 Oct 2015 | News story

Chantal Van Ham, EU Programme Manager for Nature Based Solutions

Municipalities call for ambitious targets and incentives for climate action

The major outcome of the International Conference on Climate Action (ICCA 2015). ‘The Hanover Declaration’, acknowledges the importance of preventing warming of more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels, builds on the newly adopted SDGs and demonstrates that local governments and actors are demonstrating real leadership, pursuing extremely ambitious targets far beyond those set at national and international levels. The Hanover Declaration encourages the establishment of frameworks at the national and international level that encourage local climate actions which ultimately contribute to the desired global impacts in the long run. Political strategies should be adapted to enable climate action by local authorities through setting ambitious targets, creation of incentives and provision of long-term and predictable finance. …  

09 Oct 2015 | News story

Project Launch - Watershed Conservation and Restoration in the Knuckles Conservation Forest

Launch of HSBC funded project: mini-watershed of Puwakpitiya Oya

Funded by HSBC, the ‘Watershed Conservation and Restoration in the Knuckles Conservation Forest and Environmental Protection Area: mini-watershed of Puwakpitiya Oya’ is a three year project implemented by Sri Lanka Business and Biodiversity Platform (SLBBP) of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC). IUCN Sri Lanka functions as the technical partner of this project. The project was launched at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce office in Colombo on 1 October 2015 and in attendance were Mr Sriyan Cooray, Chief Operating Officer, HSBC Sri Lanka and Maldives, Mr Mangala Yapa, Secretary General/CEO, CCC, Mrs Shiranee Yasaratne, Advisor, SLBBP and Mr Shamen Vidanage, Programme Coordinator, IUCN Sri Lanka.   …  

09 Oct 2015 | News story

Riberas del Lago Titicaca

Apoyando la conservación del Lago Titicaca a través de la Gestión Integrada de los Recursos Hídricos transfronterizos

Con miras a fortalecer la cooperación y las capacidades locales para la gestión sostenible del agua en cuencas transfronterizas, el proyecto BRIDGE Andes en coordinación con el Ministerio de Ambiente y Agua de Bolivia (MMAyA), la Autoridad Nacional del Agua del Perú (ANA) y la Autoridad Binacional del Lago Titicaca (ALT) desarrollaron dos talleres sobre planificación y gestión integrada de recursos hídricos en el Lago Titicaca.   …  

09 Oct 2015 | News story

2013A-062, World Parrot Trust, SOS Save Our Species, Timneh Parrot

Major trafficker of African parrots arrested and 89 threatened Timneh parrots seized

On the 18th September, after months of painstaking investigations, a major trafficker of African wild parrots and other birds was arrested in Dakar, Senegal. …  

08 Oct 2015 | News story

Comunidad Shampuyacu

Perú inició la construcción de Acuerdos de Conservación para la distribución de benéficos REDD+

La Oficina Regional para América del Sur de la UICN en alianza con AIDER y Conservación Internacional Perú, socios implementadores del proyecto “REDD+: apoyando a países y comunidades en el diseño de esquemas para la distribución de beneficios Perú”, continúa con su trabajo conjunto en la comunidad de San Martín donde se han iniciado varias actividades en torno a la construcción y análisis de los acuerdos de conservación.  …  

08 Oct 2015 | News story


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