Climate change is set to be one of the major drivers of species extinctions in the 21st century: approximately 20 to 30 per cent of plant and animal species are likely to be at increasingly high risk as global mean temperatures rise.

But which species will suffer the most? Which species, ecosystems and regions should we prioritize for conservation? 

A recent IUCN report identifies 10 species that are most vulnerable to climate change. Find out what they are and learn what threats they face:

Arctic Foxes  ¦  Clownfish  ¦  Koalas  ¦  Emperor Penguins  ¦  Leatherback Turtles  ¦  Staghorn Corals  ¦  Ringed Seals  ¦  Quiver Trees  ¦  Salmon  ¦  Beluga Whales