Août 2007

Participants at the workshop on developing cooperation efforts for marine reserch

IUCN works with Sida to foster information exchange on Marine Science across East and West Africa

Capacity building efforts for research should reflect the same kind of cumulative and learning process as science itself. This was one of the findings of a workshop co-organised in May 2007 by IUCN, Sida, PRCM, FIBA, Swedish Water House and hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Practioners from several sub-saharan Africa countries were joined by marine scientists from Europe to take stock of experiences and identify key factors for success, with the aim of further enhancing development co-operation efforts for marine research, at national, regional and local levels in East and West Africa.

28 Aug 2007 | News story

Promoting Water Security in the Pacific

Managing and protecting freshwater resources is of vital importance for the Pacific region’s health and wealth. …  

27 Aug 2007 | News story

Thunus obesus or Bigeye tuna

Self-assessment of Regional Fisheries Management Organisations: are they on track?

Though Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs) and their members face conflicting pressures, if they do not take steps now to better manage fish stocks, these resources will continue to decline to the detriment of the ocean’s wellbeing, food security and human health. IUCN believes that all RFMOs should conduct self-assessments this year or next and include a review of how each RFMO accepts scientific advice and incorporates that advice into its conservation and management measures. …  

21 Aug 2007 | News story

GEF logo

Share your experience in evaluating the effects of climate change

The GEF Office of Evaluation in collaboration with IUCN will host an International Workshop (May 2008) to share good practice examples of evaluations and methods in evaluating mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. …  

20 Aug 2007 | News story

Adressing World Conservation Congress in Barcelona. Mesoamerican Members voting process during their regional Forum.

VII Foro Mesoamericano de miembros pródigo en mociones para el próximo Congreso Mundial de Conservación

Con más de 26 mociones aprobadas, muchas de ellas con miras a ser aprobadas durante el próximo Congreso Mundial de Conservación, los miembros mesoamericanos celebraron una fructuosa sesión para el diseño de las futuras resoluciones y recomendaciones. …  

15 Aug 2007 | News story


The Essentials of Environmental Flows

The Water and Nature book “FLOW – The Essentials of Environmental Flows” is now available in 8 languages…and counting! …  

13 Aug 2007 | News story


Water – A Brake on Economic Development?

As a lubricant of development, water is a critical issue in arid and semi-arid regions. Water’s crucial role for achieving basic livelihood security through water supply, health, hygiene and food is complex. A vicious circle of water scarcity, poverty, lack of investments and concerted efforts has to be broken if further increases in poverty and environmental degradation are to be avoided. …  

13 Aug 2007 | News story

530 proposals received in the first round of submissions to the World Conservation Congress

Three months ago, the World Conservation Union (IUCN) invited its member organizations, Commission members and partners to submit proposals for events at the World Conservation Congress. More than 650 people from 511 different organizations have followed this request so far and signed up to the Forum system. …  

10 Aug 2007 | News story

4th WCC

530 proposals received in the first round of submissions to the World Conservation Congress

Members and partners to submit proposals for events at the World Conservation Congress. …  

10 Aug 2007 | News story