Octobre 2008


Over 5 billion of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas by 2030

By the end of this year a first-time record of 3.3 billion people, more than half of the world’s population, are expected to live in urban areas according to the UN.    …  

27 Oct 2008 | News story

Duba lilies, Okavango delta

IUCN, Ramsar and Danone plan new agreement

IUCN was recently invited by the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention, which is hosted by IUCN and has a long-standing partnership with the Danone Group, to help develop a new initiative to assess the feasibility of generating certified carbon offsets through wetland restoration and conservation. …  

24 Oct 2008 | News story

Earth viewed from space. Courtesy: NASA.

New Impetus for the High Seas following IUCN World Conservation Congress

IUCN members at the World Conservation Congress have called for strong action to protect high seas biodiversity and to regulate the human activities impacting it. This signals a growing awareness of the vital role oceans play in sustaining life on our planet and alarm at the multiplying threats to marine biodiversity from human activities in areas beyond national jurisdiction (the high seas). …  

24 Oct 2008 | News story

Gender in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

Women still absent in climate change debate

Lack of women’s participation in efforts to solve climate crisis was the main focus of the Third Global Congress of Women in Politics and Governance held from 19 to 22 October in Manila, Philippines. The global gender alliance established by IUCN, UNDP and UNEP, encouraged women to speak with one voice at climate change negotiations.  

24 Oct 2008 | News story

Kenton Miller Award Logo

Managing effectiveness: the credo of Dr. Marc Hockings, 2008 Kenton Miller Awardee

Recognition has been made this year to an Australian professor from Queensland University, well known for his extensive contribution to the management effectiveness of protected areas (PAs) around the world. His evaluation guidelines are currently put in practice as a credo in over 7000 protected areas in more than 100 countries. 

23 Oct 2008 | News story

Belasitsa Nature Park

Iron Curtain turns Green Belt in the Balkans

South-Eastern European partners of the European Green Belt initiative focus on transboundary cooperation   …  

23 Oct 2008 | News story

International Union for the Conservation of Nature

L’UICN accueille le Mexique, nouvel Etat membre de l’Union

Le Secrétariat d’Etat aux affaires étrangères a annoncé la décision du gouvernement mexicain d’adhérer aux Statuts de l’UICN, devenant ainsi un Etat membre de l’Union. …   | English | Spanish

23 Oct 2008 | News story

Pastoralist communities in Kenya

WISP launches pastoralism report

The World Initiative on Sustainable Pastoralism recently launched a report on Total Economic Value of Pastoralism.The World Initiative on Sustainable Pastoralism recently launched a report on Total Economic Value of Pastoralism. The official launch of the report, at the recent World Conservation Congress in Barcelona, was aimed at highlighting the value of pastoralism in order to draw attention to the wide range of goods and services that are provided by pastoral systems. This report is based on a study in six countries - Ethiopia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Peru and Spain. …  

18 Oct 2008 | News story

Kalama Conservancy in Kenya’s dry lands of Samburu District

Drylands are not wastelands

Drylands cover over 40% of the earth’s land surface. They are home to more than 2 billion people, most of whom live in developing countries and are among the poorest in the world. The natural resources on which the majority of dryland dwellers depend are fast disappearing, making desertification one of today’s greatest environmental challenges. Climate change is likely to exacerbate these challenges.  But is it all doom and gloom? A panel of high profile global drylands experts met during the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona, Spain, to discuss ways of increasing investment in sustainable drylands management in the face of adverse effects of climate change.   …  

17 Oct 2008 | News story

Divers admire groupers and sharks in a Caribbean Marine Protected Area

IUCN makes new commitment to the Caribbean

The World Conservation Congress held from 5 to 14 October in Barcelona, marked an important landmark for the Caribbean, with the launch by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) of a new Initiative for the region.   …  

16 Oct 2008 | News story