Call for medium grants now open

Launch of the second Medium Grant call for proposals for EU's Overseas Countries and Territories stakeholders

Indian Ocean, Polar/Sub-polar and South Atlantic regions are now able to seek funding for sustainable development and biodiversity conservation projects in Europe’s Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs). …  

02 May 2016 | Article

Fishing boat, New Caledonia

Launch of the second Small Grant call for proposals for EU's Overseas Countries and Territories stakeholders

Sustainable development and biodiversity conservation projects in Europe’s Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) in the Caribbean and Pacific regions are now able to seek funding.  …  

25 Apr 2016 | Article

BEST 2.0 Projects selected

New BEST Projects selected!

New BEST Projects selected! The European Commission has selected 8 medium-scale and 8 small-scale projects to be awarded grants, providing essential support in Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs).  …  

20 Apr 2016 | Article

Carole Martinez, NetBiome-CSA Advisory Board Member

European Parliament hosts NetBiome-CSA conference

The European Bureau for Conservation and Development (EBCD) organised the final conference of NetBiome-CSA last Wednesday 6th of April entitled “Boosting Biodiversity Research Cooperation – A NetBiome Roadmap for European (sub)Tropical Overseas”.   …  

13 Apr 2016 | Article

French Polynesia

French Polynesian communities lead the way for creating the World’s largest Ocean Sanctuary

Communities from the Austral Islands, a remote archipelago comprising of five inhabited islands south of Tahiti have announced they want to create what would become the World’s largest ocean sanctuary – 1 million square kilometres (386,000 square miles) around French Polynesia, 163,000 square kilometres (63,000 square miles) larger than the current largest sanctuary of United Kingdom’s Pitcairn Islands.   …  

13 Apr 2016 | Article

Stewart McPherson presenting at the Royal Geographical Society

Britain’s Treasure Islands to be broadcast on BBC4 on the 12th and 13th of April

Following the lecture given by Stewart McPherson at the Royal Geographical Society in London on the 24th of March, the BBC has confirmed that the Britain’s Treasure Islands documentary will be broadcast as a three-part series starting on the 12th of April at 9pm GMT and repeated on the 13th at 8pm GMT. …  

13 Apr 2016 | Article

RGS Event Flyer

Royal Geographical Society to host event on UK Overseas Territories

Filmmaker and geographer Stewart McPherson spent three years visiting all UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) in order to research, film and document the wealth of flora and fauna in these remote regions. Hours of footage taken across Britain’s most remote outposts have been edited into a series of documentary films that aim to raise awareness of the wildlife and conservation of the territories.  

09 Feb 2016 | Article

Regional Conservation Forum Helsinki

Message from Helsinki - A special attention to the EU Overseas and BEST Initiative highlighted as innovative financing mechanism

The IUCN Regional Conservation Forum for Europe, North and Central Asia, held on 14-16 December 2015 in Helsinki, delivered the Message from Helsinki to support mainstreaming biodiversity and inspiring new generations through a series of actions. Special focus was placed on the management of marine ecosystems that are under strong pressure from overfishing, pollution and ocean acidification and a special attention was called for the EU Overseas (Outermost Regions and Overseas Countries and Territories). …  

27 Jan 2016 | Article

Fish silhouettes

A new marine reserve in the Atlantic waters around Ascension Island

This year begins on a very positive note from the British government who have announced the future establishment of a marine reserve almost as big as the UK in the Atlantic waters of Ascension Island. Home to large colonies of tropical seabirds, green turtles and some of the largest marlin in the world, it is the latest remote island marine reserve to be declared after the creation of the Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve in March 2015.   …  

12 Jan 2016 | Article

Lagoon in Moorea, French Polynesia

The islands at Paris COP21: at the frontline of climate change but the forefront of solutions

“Sentinels of climate change and large oceanic entities” are what islands represent at the frontline of climate change. A reality echoed by representatives from islands at COP21. Also emphasised was how addressing climate change impacts was a matter of national security, as people’s health, food and water supplies are at risk, as well as infrastructures and the islands’ physical and cultural integrity. …  

10 Dec 2015 | Article