The partnership, a rescue to water resource management

16 March 2009 | News story

The IUCN headquarters in Cameroon was the venue for the consultation workshop on the implementation of the co-financing programme for draining and water projects between the following institutions : African Water Facility /African Development Bank, the IUCN-PACO, the Global Water Partnership and the Multi-country Office of the United Nations for the Education, Science and Culture Organisation in Yaoundé.

 The aim of this workshop was to reinforce collaboration between these institutions in order to improve, through concrete initiatives, their interventions in the domain of water and draining in Central and Western Africa. The various presentations enabled the participants to have a better understanding of the work programme and of the strategy of each of the partners in water resource management. The potential main lines of collaboration and co-financing of the projects presented by the institutions were identified and defined. A road map defining the future steps of the development process of the co financing programme was equally adopted.,  /