In the Cendrawasih Bay National Park, Birds Neck area, West Papua

Hopes and fears for science talks in Nairobi

This month a meeting will take place in Nairobi in Kenya where scientists, including a delegation from IUCN, will meet with the world’s governments to advise them on the best way forward to save all life on earth, the planet’s biodiversity. The conference, known as the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice or SBSTTA, is a crucial part of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Decisions taken in Nairobi will provide a scientific basis for the convention, which will meet in Nagoya in Japan later this year.
Jane Smart is the Director of IUCN’s Biodiversity Conservation Group. She says that this year’s talks, to stem the loss of biodiversity, are critical.

02 May 2010 | Audio

Gray whale breaching

What next for biodiversity targets

The 2010 biodiversity target was adopted in May 2002 during the sixth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. It aimed to achieve, by 2010 ‘a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss at the global, regional and national level as a contribution to poverty alleviation and to the benefit of all life on earth’. Unfortunately, the latest analysis of the IUCN Red List shows this target has not been met. As we are facing an ever-increasing biodiversity crisis, we need a new, clear and realistic target to respond to it.  …  

01 Mar 2010 | Audio