Waqf for Water

This film introduces the idea of Waqf fund, which helps solve water problems in the Middle East region.


Dead Sea Reckoning, Jordan

Water in Jordan's capital Amman is rationed during the dry season. From May to October homes only get supplies once a week and sometime - one a fortnight. Most of Jordan's water is used in agriculture which annually consumes 65% of the country's water supply, although it contributes only 2.5% of its GDP.The film looks at water management challenges in Jordan and possible ways to address them.


Beirut to Bahrain: IUCN in West Asia

IUCN's Director General describes the West Asia region and some of the environmental challenges it faces as well as IUCN's efforts to tackle them.


Socotra, The Last Stand (part-1)

This documentary promotes the special and unique ecosystem of the Socotra Archipelago. It shows how the islands and the local people are trying to fit into today's changing world by facing many challenges. With increased accessibility and the influence of globalization, the islands are threatened by unsustainable development.


Socotra, The Last Stand (part-2)