Building bridges to tackle urban water challenges

The growing problem of how to provide clean water for an expanding urban population is one of the topics under discussion at the IWA World Water Congress in Montreal, which takes place from 19 to 24 September in Montreal, Canada. Around 3000 water experts from around the world will attend the conference, hoping to find the best ways of dealing with increasing demands placed on water resources. Mark Smith, Head of IUCN's Water Programme, explains more.     …  

21 Sep 2010 | Audio

Soko springs, Pangani Basin

Talking to solve the water problems of East Africa

Advising governments and local communities on how to manage their water supplies most effectively is one focus of work for Katharine Cross, Programme Officer for the Water and Wetlands Programme, based in IUCN's Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa. Here she explains the main problems of bringing a clean and plentiful supply of water to East Africa. …  

12 Sep 2010 | Audio

Mekong in Viet Nam

Dealing with the impacts of climate change on water in Asia

Water management in Asia is often complicated by the fact that many rivers cut across many different countries. Encouraging neighbouring farmers, fishermen and businesses to talk to each other to manage water to suit their needs and those of the environment is one of the main focuses for the Water and Wetlands Programme of the IUCN Asia office. But reducing the impacts of climate change on water supplies is also high on the agenda. Ganesh Pangare, Coordinator of IUCN Asia's Water and Wetlands Programme explains why. …  

05 Sep 2010 | Audio