On the ground

Dragonboats on the Mekong River during the annual Giant Catfish Festival, Thailand

Keeping the giant catfish in Thailand's Mekong River

There were roast chickens and rice, pig’s heads and beer – all borne in a solemn procession as offerings to an unlikely recipient, the Mekong giant catfish. …  

11 Aug 2010 | News story

Yvette Kerslake

A voice for all

“Samoa is blessed with fertile soils and abundant nature”, says Yvette Kerslake, “but freshwater resources are getting scarce.” Yvette works as Principal Watershed Officer for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) in Apia, Samoa’s capital. She is part of a team in charge of the rehabilitation and sustainable management of the Togitogiga catchment, a project jointly implemented by MNRE and IUCN’s Water and Nature Initiative (WANI). …  

26 Aug 2010 | News story

Sarkin Kogi, Hausa chief, beneath the Tiga dam, Kano State, Nigeria

A river chief's story

The family of Sarkin Kogi (Hausa for chief of the river) Adamu Tiga once inhabited the land that now lies covered by two billion cubic metres of water behind the 48 metre-high Tiga Dam in Nigeria. Since the time of his great-grandfather, his family has lived here through the civil wars; they hid in the mountains, and from the river caught fish so big they needed donkeys to haul them to market. But times changed since the dam. He has suffered setbacks over time, from uncompensated displacement to shrinking fisheries to floods without warning. …  

12 Aug 2010 | News story

Members of Ruvu community in the Pangani River Basin and participants during a field visit

A story of rights and conflict - Pangani River, Tanzania

There is little doubt that the climate in the Pangani River basin, shared by Kenya and Tanzania, is changing fast. Along the length of its 500 km course, users talk of better times, lodged in living memory, when there was simply more water. The Pangani was higher and stronger, and flow was guaranteed through the two dry seasons of every year. Instream flows have decreased and conflict over the dwindling resource now requires astute management. …  

11 Aug 2010 | Downloads - document

Members of JEM, Jovenes en la Mission, at project site

A JEM of a business

Stories of start-up businesses run by twenty-somethings are a dime a dozen in the 21st century. But a group of high school and college students in the Guatemalan highlands have a truly unique tale to tell. …  

12 Aug 2010 | News story

Maasai women taking part in vulnerability assessment, Chambogo Same District, Tanzania

Empowering people to manage water

Across East Africa, water catchment planning and development at the local level is essential for sustainable and integrated water management in the region. "It is at the local level that the opportunity for involvement of all stakeholders, including non-state actors, in water resources management exists", says Katharine Cross, IUCN Water Programme Officer. …  

17 Aug 2010 | News story