Batwa women and children show their pottery wares, Burundi
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Celebrating forests

Forests protect our watersheds and conserve our soil. They help combat climate change by absorbing and storing vast amounts of carbon, provide food, building materials and medicine, and are home to 80% of the world’s biodiversity.

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Stewart Maginnis

World’s forests essential to life

View of logging road in the Cameroon Forests

More resources should be dedicated to protecting our invaluable forest wealth and to restoring degraded forest landscapes.

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IUCN Director General Interview

DG video

Julia Marton-Lefèvre talks about her hopes for 2011, the International Year of Forests.

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Did you know?

-About 13 million hectares of forests are lost every year.
-More than 1 billion hectares of lost or degraded forest lands could be restored.

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Easing the energy pressure

Looking for firewood in Um Zibil Forest Reserve

About a fifth of the global population do not have access to modern energy sources, and 40% of the global population depend on traditional biomass sources such as firewood for cooking.

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Closer to forests, out of poverty

Miyun County, Beijing China

The forests that provide most of Beijing’s water are being given a new lease of life by the partial lifting of a logging quota for the first time in 20 years.

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Livelihoods and landscapes

video on poverty and forests

Gill Shepherd, IUCN's Thematic Adviser on Poverty and Landscapes, speaks on the latest thinking on forests and poverty, drawing from lessons that have come out of IUCN's 'Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy' (LLS).

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Monkey in Costarican forest Take a look at some images of forests, forest biodiversity and people that depend on it.
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Forests of South East Cameroon How much do you know about forests?
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No forest, no life

Samuel handing over nursery equipment to Nana Tetteh chief of Nkrankrom Presenting the work of Samuel Kofi Nyame, wildlife biologist.
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Markets and incentives in livelihoods and landscapes strategy

Using economic and financial tools to sustain forest livelihoods and landscapes.
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> New issue of the Forest Programme newsletter on communicating forest values


Haiti’s frogs

Mozart's Frog, Eleutherodactylus amadeus. Critically Endangered Mozart and ventriloquial frogs sound a note of hope and warning for Haiti’s recovery.
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