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Updates and news about the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Korea.
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Ask world leaders the questions you want to see addressed!

The World Leaders Dialogues is the highlight of the World Conservation Congress. A balanced mix of experts, politicians and CEOs, moderated by prominent journalists, will focus on the Congress themes, giving pace to inspirational, challenging analyses of the current state of nature and conservation. A total of five dialogues will take place, one each evening of the Forum.


Nature+ development: Green growth: myth or reality?

On 9 September, six world-class panellists will debate issues surrounding the theme Nature+ development. This dialogue will be moderated by Fiona Harvey, Journalist at The Guardian.

Nature is money

The panel
Peter Bakker, President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
Lyonpo Dorji, Former Prime Minister of Bhutan
Heidi Anneli Hautala, Minister of International Development and Ownership Steering Issues of Finland
Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson of the Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Soogil Young, Co-Chair of the Presidential Committee on Green Growth

> Submit your questions and comments to the panel before the Congress!

Find out about the other types of events at the Forum


> Find out about cutting-edge conservation at the Workshops
> Share your views on challenging issues at the Knowledge Café
> Get hands-on training at the Conservation Campus
> See how people convey their ideas in 2D with Posters
> Learn about innovative partnerships at the Pavilions
> Network in a relaxed atmosphere at the social events
Young Leaders in Barcelona
Nature+, the 2012 World Conservation Congress slogan

A slogan for the Congress
The Congress theme is Nature+, a simple and memorable slogan that captures the fundamental importance of nature and its inherent link to every aspect of our lives.


A total of five focal themes will be addressed during the Congress and the Forum will dedicate one day of the Forum to each theme. 

> 7 September: Nature+ climate
> 8 September: Nature+ food
> 9 September: Nature+ development
> 10 September: Nature+ people & governance
> 11 September: Nature+ life
Nature+ development

Nature+ development: Nature-based solutions to social and economic development
IUCN wants to see a rapid transition to a green economy, one that recognizes the fundamental dependence of human well-being on nature and the critical benefits and services it provides.

> Watch video on Nature+ development

Urgent details needed by 19 August

Royalty free for non commercial use

Due to security reasons required by the Korean Government, participants needing access to the ICCJ on 5 and 6 September need to provide passport information before 19 August

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Rainforest rehabilitation to offset Congress footprint

Bornean Orang-utan

To help compensate for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the World Conservation Congress, IUCN has selected Infapro for effective offsetting. The project is is based on improved forest management in Borneo.

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Elections: Guidelines on the electronic voting

VII Foro Mesoamericano de miembros pródigo en mociones para el próximo Congreso Mundial de Conservación

For the first time in its history, the IUCN Members’ Assembly will use an electronic system to run its elections. In order to best prepare for this innovative elections system, delegates are encouraged to read through the guidelines before the elections begin on 9 September. 

> The guidelines can be downloaded here

Showing the way

A freshwater turtle (Nilssonia hurum) is caught by a fisherman in Tanguar Haor for consumption. Many turtles species are heavily exploited for food in Southeast Asia.

Although momentum towards a green economy is steadily building, progress has been painfully slow so far. It is not the knowledge of how to achieve a fairer, more stable economic system that is lacking, but the political will.

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Environmental Grand Festival to kick off

Traditional Korean dance

The Environmental Grand Festival takes place all over the island from 16 August to 15 September 2012. 11 venues will together represent aspects of the culture, economy, society and education of Jeju.

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Tip of the week

Korean people seldom expect you to speak their language, but showing your willingness to at least try will reward you with broad smiles and hospitality. Here are a few basics:
Anneyeong haseyo - Hello
Kamsa hamnida - Thank you
Ye/ne - Yes
Aniyo - No
Juseyo - Please
Masisseosseoyo - It was delicious
Je ireumeun…imnida - My name is…

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From the Host Country

Logos of the Korean Ministry of Environment and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

The Ministry of Environment of the Korean Government and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province are kindly hosting the IUCN World Conservation Congress in 2012. They have established the Korean Organizing Committee (KOC) in order to fully support the preparations.

> Keep up to date with the KOC


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What are the Congress's strengths?

“The convening power of linking local to global and policy with science.” 2008 survey respondent


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Motions schedule

Members voting on motions at the 2008 IUCN Congress in Barcelona With numerous motions being presented to the Members, this rough schedule will help the smooth running of the Assembly
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Online accreditation

Voices from the Members Apply for your accreditation to vote or speak at the Assembly before 6 September
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Equipment & Catering

Korean food Order equipment online until 15 August and catering until 25 August
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Upcoming deadlines

By 15 August: Workshop and Conservation Campus PowerPoints, agendas and final list of speakers must be uploaded on the Forum Web-spaces
19 August: Shipping by seafreight
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The Congress in music

2am sings about Congress Korean band 2am sings the Congess song
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A virtual tour of Jeju

Summit of Mt. Halla The wonders of Jeju and a glance at previous Congresses
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Statutory documents

book The list of documents that Members will be making decisions on at Congress
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Impact of IUCN

Jeff paper - newsletter April 2012 What impact do resolutions have on global conservation?
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