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The latest information on IUCN publications, October 2011
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The status and distribution of freshwater biodiversity in the Western Ghats, India

The Western Ghats is one of the world’s most heavily populated biodiversity hotspots. However, economic, industrial and urban development is threatening this rich ecosystem and is not in tune with the conservation needs of its diverse freshwater ecosystems because of a lack of adequate information on the distribution and status of freshwater species and the threats they face. The present assessment is a response to this need for information. It has reviewed the global conservation status and distributions of 1,146 freshwater species belonging to four taxonomic groups: fishes (290 taxa), molluscs (77 taxa), odonates (171 taxa) and aquatic plants (608 taxa).

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Western Ghats Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment report

Forest nurseries in Lebanon for native species production

During recent years there has been increasing interest in restoring the forest landscapes of Lebanon. The vision behind this publication is to provide a handbook that covers all the technical aspects of forest landscape restoration (FLR), from seed collection, through seedling production in the nursery, to planting out in the field.

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Forest nurseries in Lebanon

Towards a representative network of marine protected areas in Libya

Of the current 750 marine and coastal protected areas that have been created in the Mediterranean, two thirds of these are along the northern coast of the sea. Therefore important habitats along the eastern and southern coast are under-represented. The Mediterranean Representative Areas and Species (MedRAS) project aims at identifying priority habitats and species in these under-represented areas to be managed and protected. The focus of the present report is on Libya.

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Marine protected areas in Libya

Biodiversidad : mi hotel en acción : guía para el uso sostenible de los recursos biológicos

La biodiversidad juega un papel importante en la vida diaria de un hotel. Desde la comida del restaurante a la madera de los muebles y acabados, a las comodidades del spa, los productos de la biodiversidad se encuentran en cada rincón de los hoteles. Esta guía está diseñada para ayudar a los propietarios y gerentes de pequeños y grandes hoteles a conservar la naturaleza y a guiar el uso sostenible de los recursos biológicos en sus tareas diarias.

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Biodiversidad : mi hotel en acción

The diversity of life in African freshwaters : under water, under threat : an analysis of the status and distribution of freshwater species throughout mainland Africa

This volume gives the most up-to-date information on the distributions and conservation status of species in all inland water ecosystems across mainland continental Africa and the reasons behind their declining status. This represents the most comprehensive assessment yet of freshwater biodiversity at the species level for an entire continent.

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Legal frameworks for REDD : design and implementation at the national level

This publication identifies and analyzes critical issues in the formulation and implementation of national and sub-national legal frameworks for REDD activities. It is based on substantive findings from four national case studies (Brazil, Cameroon, Guyana and Papua New Guinea) chosen for their varying geographies, forest cover and deforestation rates, and stages of REDD preparations.

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Status of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean sea

The main aim of this report is to assess progress towards a network of ecologically representative and effectively managed MPAs that meets international obligations for conservation of the Mediterranean Sea. Specifically, results of this survey were used to measure Mediterranean progress towards the CBD targets of establishing a coherent network of MPAs by 2012 and to protect at least 10% of the Mediterranean Sea by 2010.

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Biodiversity : my hotel in action. A guide to sustainable use of biological resources

This guide is designed to help owners and managers of small and large hotels to conserve nature and to guide the sustainable use of biological resources in their day- to-day operations.

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