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The latest information on IUCN publications, September 2011
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Species on the edge of survival

This book is inspired by the IUCN Species of the Day 2010 web initiative, and serves as a guide to 365 of the world’s species on the IUCN Red List. This list profiles a wide variety of species from the official list of threatened animal, fungi and plant. Each profile includes a photograph of the species, a location map describing the species' habitat, information on the level of threat (from "Least Concern" to "Extinct in the Wild"), and descriptions of why the species appears on the Red List.

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Species on the edge of survival

Réflexions et recommandations pour la pisciculture de truites

L’objet premier de ce guide est de proposer des réflexions et recommandations pour une aquaculture durable et responsable à l’intention des gestionnaires, des techniciens, des producteurs et des autres parties intéressées tels les élus ou les collectivités locales, et des représentants de la société civile. Il présente un caractère opérationnel et sa présentation facilite l’appropriation par tous des recommandations formulées.

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Réflexions et recommendations pour la pisciculture de truites

Parque nacional de Alhucemas : guía para la producción sostenible de plantas forestales, aromáticas y medicinales

Esta guía sobre el Parque Nacional de Alhucemas se centra en la producción de planta forestal en vivero y en los desafíos de repoblación forestal en el bosque mediterráneo y trata también los aspectos relativos al cultivo, procesado de productos derivados y de rendimiento y rentabilidad de los cultivos de plantas aromáticas y medicinales. Esta publicación de carácter técnico también contiene fichas de producción de plantas que constituyen una interesante herramienta de difusión.

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Parque nacional de Alhucemas

Zones importantes pour les plantes en Méditerranée méridionale et orientale : sites prioritaires pour la conservation

Ce rapport présente une évaluation préliminaire des Zones importantes pour les plantes en Méditerranée méridionale et orientale, plus l’Albanie. Dix recommandations ont été formulées, qui contribueront à orienter les actions de conservation de la flore sauvage en Méditerranée. La mise en oeuvre effective de ces recommandations permettra d’améliorer à long terme l’environnement et la qualité de vie des habitants dans cette région unique.

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Zones importantes pour les plantes en Méditerranée méridionale et orientale

Aquaculture site selection and site management

Aquaculture is currently facing a significant challenge: how to alleviate the pressure on fish stocks exerted by commercial fishing and yet meet the increasing demand for sea products in a sustainable way. The aim of this guide is to promote the sustainable development of Mediterranean aquaculture by providing basic guidelines for good practice in site selection and site management.

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The red book : the extinction crisis face to face

Drawing on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, this publication combines awe-inspiring imagery with solid science and factual accounts. The result of a collaboration between industry and science, this dramatic new work conveys to the general public the urgency and scale of the current extinction crisis. It describes the extinction process, its causes, and the measures needed to reverse it in terms accessible to everyone.

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The Top 50 Mediterranean island plants : wild plants at the brink of extinction, and what is needed to save them

This publication includes 50 descriptive sheets of species which are especially threatened around the Mediterranean, based on the IUCN Red List criteria. Each sheet gives a description of the species with illustrations and maps, emphasizing the threats to the species, existing conservation measures and additional measures needed for their conservation. Aimed at the layman, the text is easily accessible to the non-botanist.

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Non-timber forest products : ecological and economic aspects of exploitation in Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia

Based on information derived from literature, statistics, interviews and a field survey in Bolivia, this report explores the value of non-timber forest products not only in economic terms but also as an important element in the lives of people who live in or near the forest. Covers values at local, national and international level; intellectual property rights; ecotourism; and sustainability of exploitation with detailed examples.

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