Finding balance in a changing world: IUCN Viet Nam’s Strategic Framework

01 July 2007 | News story

IUCN Viet Nam’s Strategic Framework 2007-2010 prioritizes the issues of governance, environmental planning, environmental services, and climate change.

After ten months of comprehensive internal reflection and external consultation with the Government of Vietnam, donors, IUCN members, and key stakeholders, IUCN Viet Nam launched its Strategic Framework for 2007-2010 in July.

IUCN Director General, Mrs. Julia Marton-Lefèvre, made a speech at the strategic framework launching ceremony in Ha Noi

The Strategic Framework clearly outlines IUCN Viet Nam’s priorities for the next four years, which includes a focus on governance, environmental planning, environmental services, and climate change. IUCN Viet Nam will work closely with the Government, donors, members, and key stakeholders to achieve results in these priority areas.

The Framework is aligned with the Government of Viet Nam priorities, which are outlined in the Comprehensive Poverty Reduction Plan and the Growth Strategy and Social Economic Plan. It also addresses donors’ interests.  Additionally, the Strategic Framework is sensitive to the evolving trends in conservation and development in Viet Nam.

The Government of Viet Nam, donors, members and stakeholders have congratulated IUCN Viet Nam on the successful development of the Strategic Framework and are exploring opportunities for future cooperation in IUCN Viet Nam’s priority areas..

The Strategic Framework will guide IUCN Viet Nam’s activities from 2007 to 2010 and help mobilize resources.  The communication and convening role of IUCN will also be strengthened as a result of the Framework.

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