Lack of protection threatens the source of life for today and tomorrow!

27 August 2013 | News story

The new edition of Inf'O, the newsletter on water and environment, is dedicated to the theme "Financing water and resource protection in West Africa." It was produced in collaboration with the Regional Water Partnership for West Africa (GWP-WA) as part of the Initiative for Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management (PREMI).

Among natural resources, water remains the largest with a key role.

The pressure of growing population and the competition between different users weigh on water resources. In this context, water is scarce, not because the quantity is diminishing, but because the needs are increasing, the quality of the resource deteriorates and the expected effects of climate change may affect its availability.

We know that this scarcity is due to several factors including lack of adequate infrastructure, but also poor coordination, bad governance, inappropriate legislation and inadequate funding of the water sector, all things that do not encourage enough to preserve the resource both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Scarcity and poor quality of the resource have a negative impact on the development of our countries and the efforts against poverty.

It is necessary to create a multi-stakeholder response to the financial needs of various activities in the water sector, with a view that water resources are used and managed in a fair and sustainable way to reduce poverty, socio- economic development, regional integration and environmental protection.

It is also important to use new approaches and new economic and financial tools, such as paying for environmental services, to help ensure the proper protection of the resource.

This magazine is produced by journalists who took part in the regional media capacity building workshop on the theme: “Financing water and protection of the resource in West Africa” held in Abidjan from 1 to 5 July 2013.

This is for IUCN and GWP-WA as a block to the building to be built by all stakeholders with the firm belief that significant funding is necessary to protect water resources and ensure its quality and spatial accessibility today and tomorrow for future generations.