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Park Güell - Banc ondulat

Barcelona Carbon Offset Fund

In an effort to make the Barcelona Congress a carbon neutral event, IUCN is making a call to all IUCN members and partners to propose one or more projects from which certified carbon offsets can be purchased after the event. …  

23 Apr 2008 | News story

Consultations with members in Lebanon

Consultations with IUCN members in Lebanon were made during a National Committee Meeting on April 11th to discuss the prospects of raising IUCN presence and profile in Lebanon. The new IUCN member, Friends of Environment Society, has graciously hosted this meeting. …  

17 Apr 2008 | News story

From left to right: Hania Maraqa, APN staff; Sari Zvaiten, APN Board member; Razan Zuaiten, APN Chairperson, HRH Princess Reem Al Ali; Larry Harder Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture; Mustapha Natour.

The Millionth Tree Festivity

In celebration of the completion of the "Million Trees Campaign" and the launch of the "Million Trees Campaign 2", the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature held a fundraising dinner entitled "Landscapes of Occupation" on Wednesday, 9 April at the Radisson SAS Hotel, Amman, Jordan. …  

17 Apr 2008 | News story

Reuters-IUCN Media Awards

Call for Entries to Reuters-IUCN Environmental Media Awards

Reuters Foundation and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) launch 2008 Media Awards for Excellence in Environmental Reporting. …  

15 Apr 2008 | News story

Lebanese Landscape

Three new members from Iraq, Lebanon and UAE...welcome to IUCN

Three national NGOs from Iraq, Lebanon and UAE have been recently accepted to become IUCN members during the 69th IUCN council meeting held in March 2008 in Gland. IUCN WAME welcomes the  three new members and is looking forward to cooperate with them in the near future. IUCN will provide the platform to the three societies to lift the local and regional conservation issues and priorities to the international level. …  

02 Apr 2008 | News story

Barcelona Congress

The way towards the Congress

More than 8,000 leaders from government, the public sector, non-governmental organizations, business, UN agencies and social organizations will discuss, debate and decide solutions for the world’s most pressing environment and development issues. 

02 Apr 2008 | News story

Grounded cargo on the beach of Aqaba

A safer marine environment thanks to IUCN member "JREDS"

The field work of the Royal Marine Conservation Society (JREDS) paid last week with two recorded successes. The Society is a major actor in the marine environment in Jordan focusing on sustainable management of Jordanian coastline and marine environment. The Jordanian coast is 27 km long and mainly composed of coral reefs. These particularly sensible organisms face different threats from coral traffic to ships pollution or bleaching due to climate change. …  

13 Mar 2008 | News story

International Union for the Conservation of Nature

Major Changes in IUCN

New Name .. New Logo… New Website!
We’re simplifying our name; we are just IUCN. If you need to explain, it stands for the International Union for Conservation of Nature. We’ve confused many people for many years with our two names: IUCN or the World Conservation Union.  

10 Mar 2008 | News story

Children Playing at Zarqa River

REWARD, a new name for the regional water programme

The Regional Water Resources & Drylands Programme (REWARD) is the new name for the West Asia/Middle East Regional Water Programme. "This new name expresses the idea that water and drylands ecosystems must be REWARDing to local people, while people have to REWARD or value their ecosystems. At the same time, the Arabic translation of REWARD, "Mukafa'a" also implies the benefit of win-win situation." According to Peter Laban, IUCN REWARD Programme Coordinator.  He added that taking care of your ecosystems provides an important price as a REWARD to your own life!" …  

27 Feb 2008 | News story

IUCN WAME Regional Director signs MOU with President of NCWCD, Prince Bandar bin Saoud Al-Saoud

Strategic partnership on biodiversity conservation in Saudi Arabia

IUCN West Asia/Middle East (WAME) Regional Office has signed a new memorandum of understanding with the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide technical support in the field of biodiversity conservation focusing the technical support on the CBD. …  

21 Feb 2008 | News story

West Asia Regional Office