Bonn Diaries

Constanza Martinez

Wrapping up the CBD

The CBD meeting in Bonn is now in its final day and the IUCN team is readying to make its way home after two weeks of pleneries, contact groups and lobbying the corridoors.

Constanza Martinez, Head of IUCN's CBD Delegation, explains how the past two weeks have been. Click to listen 

30 May 2008 | News story

Ximena Buitrón, IUCN South America

Mixed feelings about the negotiations

Ximena Buitrón, Senior Biodiversity Officer for IUCN’s Regional Office in South America, has travelled all the way from Ecuador for her first UN-Biodiversity Conference.

She is following discussions on biofuels and climate change, and works for the recognition of traditional knowledge in the framework of the convention. “But in the end,” she says, “some of the best opportunities here are in the side event, connecting to improve action on the ground.” Click to listen 

29 May 2008 | Audio

Margarita Astralaga

Keep on Pushing at CBD

With just two days to go the pressure is really on to get some concrete results out of the CBD meeting in Bonn. Margarita Astralaga Director of IUCN's Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation told us how the meetings gone so far. Click to listen 

28 May 2008 | Audio

IUCN's Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre busy at CBD

We see her here, we see her there, we see our DG everywhere

The travel schedule of IUCN's Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre can be hectic, but whether she's at a G8 Ministerial in Japan or here in Bonn at the CBD she's always ready to get in the swing. She told us how she thinks things are going. Click to listen 

27 May 2008 | Audio

Claire Warmenbol at CBD

A diverse world..still

The second week of CBD is underway and the atmosphere remains electric, and apparently there's quite a bit of biodiversity on display. That's according to IUCN's Clare Warmenbol. Click to listen 

26 May 2008 | Audio

Radhika Murti, Ecosystem Management

Seeing the results of our work

The first week of CBD is wrapping up, but the meetings will continue long in to the night and through the weekend.

One of IUCN's hard working policy people is Radhika Murti.

Not one to get bogged down Radhika's been out there meeting and greeting the great and the good at CBD. Click to listen 

23 May 2008

Kristina Gjerde, IUCN's High Seas Policy Advisor

High seas-high pressure

Delegates are walking kilometer upon kilometer as they rush from one meeting to another at this year's CBD.

We did a mid COP health check on Kristina Gjerde, IUCN's High Seas Policy Advisor. Click to listen 

22 May 2008 | Audio

Neville Ash, IUCN's Ecosystem Management Programme

A busy, busy day for ecosystem management

The sun eventually came out in Bonn to warm up the IUCN team at the CBD. But was there enough heat on offer to get this meeting sizzling with some exciting proposals to protect wildlife and nature. Neville Ash from IUCN's Ecosystem Management Programme told us about the highs and lows of his day so far. Click to listen 

21 May 2008 | Audio

IUCN's Julie Griffin

My plant conservation day

One of IUCN's hardest workers or is it walkers. Julie Griffin is just passionate about plants, she tells us what she's been up to.     Click to listen 

20 May 2008 | Audio

Dr. Susan Mainka

News from the CBD front line

Global Programme's Senior Coordinator Sue Mainka tells it like it is from day one at the UN's biodiversityfest in Bonn Click to listen 

20 May 2008 | Audio