Event agenda

Ecosystem-based Approaches to Adaptation: Resilient Nature – Resilient People

The Nature Conservancy, an IUCN Member, will be holding a side-event titled “Ecosystem-based Approaches to Adaptation: Resilient Nature – Resilient People”. The event will present case studies of ecosystem-based adaptation approaches, using new tools and information that address climate change impacts together with sustainable development and management goals, supporting human needs, especially those dependent on nature for security, well-being or livelihoods.

Tuesday, 03 Nov 2009

19:45—21:15; Room 4

Water Day

The Global Public Policy Network on Water Management – a partnership of Stakeholder Forum and Stockholm International Water Institute – in collaboration with UN Water has convened a “Water Day” alongside the Climate Change negotiations in Barcelona.
The day will show that water is a critical concern for climate change adaptation and mitigation. The sessions will focus on climate change and a range of water-related issues: Water and Livelihoods; Water, Ecosystems and Forests; Water and Land; Water and Regional/transboundary cooperation; Water and Land; Water and Gender; Water and Energy, bringing together experts and advocates from across the governmental, non-governmental and intergovernmental spheres.

Tuesday, 03 Nov 2009

opening session 9:00, lunch provided at 12:15

Fira Congress Hotel, in front of the conference centre.