IUCN Bangladesh and CEGIS go head to head on the cricket pitch in a friendly T20

11 January 2012 | Article

All eyes were on the cricketers the grandstands packed as IUCN Bangladesh took to the cricket pitch against CEGIS in a friendly T-20 (20-20) cricket match at Mohammadpur, Dhaka on 7 January 2012.

The match organized by IUCN Bangladesh provided an opportunity for CEGIS, one of the leading water sector organizations in Bangladesh and IUCN to not only provide the crowds with ‘world-class’ cricket but to also promote “Save Rivers, Save Ecosystems” and the continued working relationship between the two organizations.

Dr. Istiak Sobhan, Programme Coordinator, IUCN Bangladesh distributed champion and runner-up trophies to the respective teams. He emphasized on the importance of saving rivers to protect the ecology and environment.
Mr. Md. Hasan Zubair, Water Resources Expert of CEGIS, has appreciated the initiative. He observed that by arranging this cricket match between water and environment related organization  will be helpful to maintain strong relationships among the water related research organisations of Bangladesh.

Congratulations to players from both teams and we look forward to the continued matches between the two sides.