Lee Talbot

US Secretary of State accolade for former IUCN Director General

As part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the World Heritage Convention, former IUCN Director General Dr Lee Talbot has been awarded by the US Secretary of State for his leadership in helping to make the Convention a reality. …  

04 Jan 2013 | News story

Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)

Crocodile control in Australia

After two fatal Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) attacks on people in Australia in the last few months, calls have been made to cull the wild population of crocodiles in the Northern Territory. …  

04 Jan 2013 | Article

Robert Mather at the Thai PBS Short Film Screening in Chiang Khan, Loei, Thailand, on 7 December 2012

Mekong film watched by the Mekong River

On the 7-8 December 2012, MWD joinned the Chiang Khan Short Films Festival organised by Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS). This aimed to present key pressing issues in the Chiang Khan community through the form of short films and to encourage wider public debates.   …  

03 Jan 2013 | Article
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Hanying Li, Dr Juliane Zeidler, Dr Zhang Xinsheng, Frits Hesselink, and Dr Zhu Chunquan.

CEC Chair and Special Advisor visit IUCN President in Beijing

Dr Juliane Zeidler and Frits Hesselink met with Dr Zhang Xinsheng, the new IUCN President to extend the IUCN CEC network into China. …   | Chinese

03 Jan 2013 | News story

Mutual trust and political will, crucial in resolving Pakistan’s water woes - say experts at the Provincial Consultative Workshop for Sindh organised under ‘Pakistan Water Programme’.

IUCN Pakistan organised a provincial consultative Workshop for Sindh on ‘Pakistan Water Programme’ in Karachi on December 31, 2012 in collaboration with Oxfam-Novib. The objective of the consultative workshop was to discuss priority issues that Sindh is facing with respect to water resources and to devise a collaborative Water Programme to address them. …  

01 Jan 2013 | News story