Radio Environment, available on the web!

23 April 2013 | Article

Radio Environment with new innovations.Listeners around the world can now listen round the clock by clicking the link: to access the website for live radio streaming.

Innovations granting the possibility to replay programmes at suitable time periods.

Specialized in environmental issues, Radio Environment is an initiative of West and Central Africa Programme of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN-PACO), housed in the IUCN Cameroon office. Having as purpose to inform and educate on environmental issues, Radio Environment has established itself as a vital tool to that effect.

Accessing radio environment Internet radio is available at Once on the site, simply click on the logo to listen to Radio Environment.

"The media have a vital role in raising awareness and mobilizing public opinion. Since 2002, Radio Environment has been a key player in the mobilization of knowledge for the sustainable management of natural resources in Central Africa, and particularly in Cameroon. The possibility to convey its products and services through the web, enlarges its audience and improves its effectiveness " ; by Prof. Aimé J. NIANOGO, Regional Director of IUCN-PACO.

The creation of Radio Environment was spearheaded by the Initiative for Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management (PREMI), a regional program of IUCN aiming among other objectives, to strengthen the sharing of best practices and experiences of sustainable management of natural resources in West Africa.

"We are very pleased today to announce that Radio Environment is now available outside of Cameroon and Central Africa. This is a very important step forward for our Radio. But, we still have a long way to go, in order to give environmental issues, the media exposure they deserve. We therefore invite all environmental stakeholders to maximise this tool in order to contribute to its success" ; by Ms. Eva MOUZONG, executive officer of Radio Environment.

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