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Rhino horns

Innovative approaches to tackling wildlife crime on the frontlines

Ground-breaking community-led approaches to combating wildlife crime around the world will be shared at an international symposium taking place in Muldersdrift near Johannesburg 26-28 February, attended by researchers, community groups, government officials, UN agencies and NGOs. …  

26 Feb 2015 | News story

Participants at the BIOPAMA short course on negotiation skills with a focus on Protected Areas Oct 2014

Capacity development in full swing

As part of the implementation of the capacity building programmes, BIOPAMA is holding a series of workshops in February and March 2015 throughout its regions. …  

26 Feb 2015 | Article

Gonzalo Andrade, Presidente Comité Sudamericano de la UICN, 2015.

Nuevo rostro liderará acciones del Comité Sudamericano de la UICN

Conozca los planes de Gonzalo Andrade C., Miembro de número de la Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales y Profesor Asociado del Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, quien preside el Comité desde hace unas semanas. …  

25 Feb 2015 | News story

Indigenous trackers in Namibia

Traditional knowledge certified for wildlife conservation

Namibia's Bwabwata National Park leaders have launched an innovative programme to assess and certify skills and competencies of Indigenous park trackers of the Khwe ethnic group.  …  

25 Feb 2015 | Article

Praderas de Posidonia en el parque natural de Cabo de Gata (Almería, España)

UICN presenta una Biblioteca Virtual de praderas marinas en el litoral andaluz

El Centro de Cooperación del Mediterráneo de UICN presenta una Bliblioteca Virtual sobre las praderas marinas en el litoral andaluz. Está dirigida principalmente a gestores y responsables públicos asi como empresas privadas interesadas en praderas marinas y en valorar el efecto que algunas actuaciones en el litoral puedan tener sobre estos importantes enclaves, particularmente de Posidonia oceanica, clasificada por la Directiva Hábitats de la Unión Europea como “hábitat prioritario”, por su importancia comunitaria. …  

25 Feb 2015 | Article

African landscape

Blog: A picture is worth a thousand words. So how much is a video worth?

That question came to mind when I watched the video of our WISE-UP project, recently broadcast on Deutsche Welle TV. It shows what the project does, no, it brings to life what the project does…in just over 6 minutes. …  

25 Feb 2015 | News story

Alvaro Ugalde

Costa Rica salutes 'father figure' of protected areas

A sense of sadness swept through the national parks of Costa Rica this week with the passing of 'conservation crusader' Álvaro Ugalde who had long been considered the father of Costa Rica’s world-famous national park system. …  

25 Feb 2015 | Article

Aboriginal 3D Mapping  - Luvuyo Mandela

Indigenous elders map out the future

A unique participatory method of mapping Rainforest Aboriginal knowledge, which has helped reconnect Indigenous communities throughout Australia, captured the imagination of delegates at the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 (WPC) in Sydney.  …  

24 Feb 2015 | Article

Closing Ceremony of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014. Acknowledgements of the Congress' financial supporters

Report on EU and ACP visibility through BIOPAMA at the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014

The Biodiversity and Protected Area Management (BIOPAMA) programme participated in the protected area event of the decade, the IUCN World Parks Congress (WPC) 2014, taking place in Sydney, Australia, 12-19 November 2014. By putting forward its resources and capacity, and with the support of the European Union and the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Secretariat, who initiated and funded this programme, BIOPAMA achieved important results at this global event. …  

24 Feb 2015 | Article

The flowers bloom in Gran Paradiso National Park

Italy's secret wilderness

With the excitement still in the air following the launch of the Green List of Protected Areas (GLPA) at the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014, one of the first European sites to make the list - Italy's Gran Paradiso National Park - is already preparing for a brighter future. …  

24 Feb 2015 | Article

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