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Katelijn Van Hende, ELC Legal Officer, August 2015

ELC welcomes a new colleague

Katelijn Van Hende, a Belgian national, joined the ELC as a Legal Officer in August.   …  

04 Sep 2015 | News story

Montane Rainforest, Yus Conservation and Landscape, Papua New Guinea

IUCN Energy project making a difference in PNG local community

The community of Mananakele in Papua New Guinea will soon receive their own solar home systems which will provide them lighting by the end of this year.

04 Sep 2015 | Article

SOS - Save Our Species, FFI, 2013A-072, Pygmy Hippo, Wonegizi

How a single Pygmy Hippo photo gave rise to the Wonegizi Proposed Protected Area Project

To think an entire project could have been sparked by a single grainy black and white photo of a Critically Endangered Pygmy Hippo is remarkable, comments Josh Kempinski. He is project coordinator with SOS Grantee and IUCN Member, Fauna & Flora International and has been working with the communities of Liberia’s Wonegizi district to create a co-managed protected area there since 2012.   …  

03 Sep 2015 | News story

Jacob Salcone, IUCN Oceania.

Should conservation organizations treat nature as natural capital? - An opinion piece by Jacob Salcone

I was in a meeting recently with a mix of government and NGO representatives. The meeting was organized by WWF to share some economic analysis they had conducted of Fiji’s Great Sea Reef. As the conversation turned to why the economic information was useful and how it would be used, Sele Tagivuni, an older gentleman who had been with the Fiji Ministry of Environment for many years recounted an interaction he had with a senior planning officer. “Birds. Why are you always telling me about birds?” he said to Sele. “Are you planning to have a Christmas lovo [feast]?”   …  

03 Sep 2015 | Article

Adalberto Padilla, Oficial Senior de Pueblos Indígenas de UICN-ORMACC comentó los avances del mapa con los participantes del taller sobre avances del Mapa Regional de Pueblos Indígenas, Áreas Protegidas y Ecosistemas Naturales presentados durante el Foro Regional de la Conservación de UICN-Panamá 2015.

En el Foro Regional de la UICN en Panamá se exponen experiencias sobre el Enfoque de Derechos en la Conservación

Una conservación efectiva es sólo posible mediante el ejercicio pleno de los derechos de participación, acceso y distribución de beneficios de las comunidades y pueblos”, con esta frase la coordinadora de la Unidad de Biodiversidad y Derechos de UICN-ORMACC, María Pía Hernández, resume el objetivo de las experiencias compartidas en el taller de Instrumentos para la implementación del Enfoque de Derechos en la Conservación, que se realizó este 2 de setiembre como parte de las actividades previas al Foro Regional de la Conservación de la UICN-Panamá 2015.

03 Sep 2015 | News story

The people of Maramasike, Solomon Islands highly depend on mangroves for their source of livelihood

Mangrove teachers resource book completed

With the financial support of USAID and the technical support of PNG Research and Conservation Foundation (RCF), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), an IUCN member, has developed a Mangrove Teachers Resource Book for use at Primary Schools at participating MARSH sites and for other areas in New Ireland where mangroves and mangrove conservation are an important consideration.  …  

03 Sep 2015 | Article

DR Grethel Aguilar launched the Caribbean Gateaway during the Regional Conservation Forum. “Welcome to the first day of the Regional Forum. BIOPAMA is very important as it is the first project for IUCN in the Caribbean region and the first with members involved."

The Caribbean Gateway, a free and open access data management tool was presented to Caribbean stakeholders during the Regional Conservation Forum in Panama

2 September 2015. Panama City. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and The University of the West Indies (UWI) are pleased to announce that “The Caribbean Protected Areas Gateway (Caribbean Gateway)” was officially launched on September 2, 2015, during the IUCN Regional Conservation Forum in Panama City, Panama. The Caribbean Gateway, that serves to integrate a diverse range of relevant protected areas and biodiversity data and information across the region, is a joint undertaking between the European Union- funded Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management (BIOPAMA) Programme in the Caribbean and UWI’s Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES), an IUCN Member, at the Cave Hill Campus in Barbados. …  

03 Sep 2015 | News story

La sesión de trabajo sobre el clearinghouse inició en la mañana del 2 de setiembre en el marco del Foro Regional de la Conservación -Panamá 2015.

Clearinghouse: una herramienta innovadora para la adaptación en zonas costero-marinas

En el marco de las actividades previas al Foro Regional de la Conservación de UICN-Panamá 2015, se realizó el Taller “Red de biodiversidad, ecosistemas y carbono” en el que participaron representantes de instituciones de toda la región centroamericana y de República Dominicana, con el fin de fortalecer las capacidades técnicas de la membresía de UICN y sus socios claves, para recibir, interpretar y trasladar información climática.

03 Sep 2015 | Article

Brijuni National Park, Croatia

Second Annual Meeting of Nature Conservation Authorities in South-Eastern Europe

This year’s meeting of senior officials from nature conservation authorities in the South-Eastern Europe will be held from 7th to 9th September in Brijuni National Park in Croatia. The meeting will be hosted by the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection of Croatia and Brijuni National Park in cooperation with IUCN Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.   …  

02 Sep 2015 | News story

Members of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems team accept the Eureka Prize for excellence in Environmental Research

IUCN science wins! Red List of Ecosystems awarded Eureka Prize

The IUCN Red List of Ecosystems team is honoured to receive the prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Prize in the field of Scientific Research and Innovation: Environmental Research. …  

02 Sep 2015 | News story

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