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Luvuyo Mandela

Mandela inspires a new generation

As one of the 'Champions' of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 (WPC) and the great-grandson of Nelson Mandela, we catch up with Luvuyo Mandela about protected areas, youth empowerment and his plans to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro.  …  

30 Apr 2015 | Article
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deforested landscape in Azerbaijan

Ready or not, climate change will have serious impacts on forest communities in Azerbaijan

 The impacts of climate change on Azerbaijan’s forests and forest communities could be severe, and the country has much to do to prepare for it, according to a new study released this spring by the Forest Law Enforcement and Governance Program (FLEG II). While the results might seem daunting, just having them in hand puts Azerbaijan ahead of many other countries in efforts to combat climate change and prepare its forests and communities to adapt to its impacts.  …  

29 Apr 2015 | Article

Water Footprint Assessments Training - Group Photo

Water Footprint Assessments for GCC and Arab Countries

 According to the water footprint network, the “Water footprint is a measure of humanity’s appropriation of fresh water in volumes of water consumed and/or polluted.” The water footprint measures the amount of water used to produce each of the goods and services we use. It can be measured for a single process, such as growing rice, for a product, such as a pair of jeans, for the fuel we put in our car, or for an entire multi-national company. The water footprint can also tell us how much water is being consumed by a particular country – or globally – in a specific river basin or from an aquifer. …  

29 Apr 2015 | Article

Basrah Marine Science Conference - Group Photo

Basrah Marine Science Conference: Appropriate Solutions and Strategic Implementation

 The international trend of marine science nowadays is directed towards the marine environment, focusing on the environmental changes witnessed globally and within the Arabian Gulf in particular. …  

29 Apr 2015 | Article

IUCN logo

IUCN Water and Climate Change Programme Shared Their Knowledge in Water Management and Food Security

 IUCN Water and Climate Change Programme was invited to share their experience in Water Resource Management and Climate Change adaptation and mitigation in the Middle East and North Africa Environment, Science, Technology, and Health (ESTH) Hub Regional Conference on April 7th in Amman. …  

29 Apr 2015 | Article

Adult Masked Finfoot near Antil village

Uncovering Cambodia’s masked finfoot

Thaung Ret and Dr Nick Souter from Fauna & Flora International, Centre for Biodiversity Conservation at the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), have been on the trail of the masked finfoot, classified as Endangered in the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM. Through a grant administered by IUCN and CEPF, RUPP conducted several surveys in 2014. After months of searching they finally found the elusive bird. Ret tells us her story:  

29 Apr 2015 | Article

Message from Ms. Aban Marker Kabraji, Regional Director IUCN Asia on the Nepal earthquake

On behalf of the IUCN family, Members, Commissions and staff, I would like to extend our sympathy and solidarity to the many families affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal. …  

29 Apr 2015 | Article
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2011A-18, SOS, vautour

S'adapter ou mourir : les enseignements tirés de la conservation des vautours en Asie du Sud

Passer du domaine technique des jauges au suivi des oiseaux par GPS offre un bel exemple de gestion adaptative, que présente Ananya Mukherjee, conservatrice bénéficiant d'une subvention SOS. De fait, ce changement de technique a permis au projet de conservation des grands vautours de continuer la poursuite de son objectif : créer trois Aires de protection des vautours dans le sous-continent indien. …  

28 Apr 2015 | News story

Procession of elephants and mahouts for elephant baci, Beung Kiat Ngong Ramsar site, Champasak

Conclusion of Mekong Water Dialogues project marked with release of Mahout documentary

Vientiane, Lao PDR, 27 April 2015 – IUCN Lao PDR today marked the conclusion of the Mekong Water Dialogues project with the release of a documentary film, “Mahouts of Southern Lao: On the Red List”, on IUCN’s Mekong Water Dialogues project website ( and IUCN Lao PDR’s Youtube page. The objective of the film is to promote awareness about the long-standing traditions, such as the domestication and riding of elephants, of Beung Kiat Ngong wetland in Champasak province.  | Lao

27 Apr 2015 | News story

Increasing urban and agricultural water demands put pressure on groundwater aquifers - Zarqa, Jordan

Blog from the World Water Forum V: Can networking really change anything?

Lara Nassar of IUCN’s Regional Office for West Asia reflects on the power of networking from her experience at the recent 7th World Water Forum. …  

27 Apr 2015 | News story

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