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Sébastien REGNAUT

Un nouvel outil pour améliorer l’efficacité de gestion des aires protégées du Bassin du Congo : L’observatoire pour la biodiversité et pour les aires protégées d’Afrique Centrale

Interview du coordonnateur Régional Aires Protégées de l’UICN en Afrique Centrale et Occidentale,
Sébastien REGNAUT …  

08 Oct 2014 | Article

Airview of the channels of Touffat Island in the Banc d'Arguin National Park, Mauritania

22 acteurs spécialistes des aires protégées africaines - 22 histoires porteuses de solutions pour inspirer le Congrès Mondial des Parcs de l’UICN

Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud, 7 Octobre 2014. Un comité représentatif des 22 acteurs des aires protégées se réunit à Johannesburg du 7 au 8 Octobre 2014 pour finaliser leurs contributions au Congrès Mondial des Parcs de l’UICN, qui se tiendra du 12 au 19 Novembre à Sydney, en Australie. …  

08 Oct 2014 | News story

Lebanon’s marine environment

Declaring Two Marine Protected Areas in Lebanon

 Marine protected areas (MPAs) have gained world recognition as effective tools to protect the marine environment and are much in favor in the Mediterranean, where about a hundred of them have been declared during recent decades to grant special protection to sites perceived to contain the most valuable marine habitats and species. Embattled by the complexities of saving their sea as a whole, Mediterranean nations have resolved to carve out their remaining crown jewels from the sea and struggle to conserve them through MPA designations. …  

08 Oct 2014 | Article

Gorilla in Volcano National Park, Rwanda

Ebola outbreak highlights critical links between biodiversity loss and human health says IUCN’s Wildlife Health Specialist Group

IUCN statement delivered by Dr Jane Smart, Global Director of IUCN’s Biodiversity Conservation Group, to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) conference currently taking place in the Republic of Korea. …  

08 Oct 2014 | IUCN statement


Members in the News: Snapshot-to-Recycle

 Snapshot-To-Recycle! project will take place in Jordan, and mainly be based on the media, the internet and  social media platforms. It aims to get people to take photos of problematic waste sites, to describe them, and to upload a photo, including the exact location. All those descriptions and pictures will become visible within seconds on an online map. …  

08 Oct 2014 | Article

Barouk River - Lebanon

Members in the News: Hiking the historical Barouk River Valley Trail

 With the transformation of the season, as landscapes are touched by that autumnal glow, fall can be the best season to explore Lebanon’s rich outdoors. Hiking an ancient trail under red and yellow leafed trees by the flowing waters of the Barouk River is an experience not to be missed. …  

08 Oct 2014 | Article

building capacities

Building Member Capacities: Using Participatory Planning Tools

 Aiming at exchanging knowledge and deepening understanding of underlying dynamics when facilitating participatory planning processes for natural resource management, the International Union for Conservation of Nature – Regional Office for West Asia (IUCN ROWA) in cooperation with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan (MOA) organized a training workshop for its valued members on Community Environmental Management Planniing in September, in Jordan. …  

07 Oct 2014 | Article

IUCN ROWA RD a.i at the ceremony

The Halabat Hima Site: Another Success Story

 The International Union for Conservation of Nature - Regional Office for West Asia (IUCN ROWA) in cooperation with the Western Halabat Voluntary Society and funded by the European Union & the GEF Small Grants Programme celebrated the opening of the Halabat Palace Hima, under the patronage of H.H Sharifa Zein Alsharaf bint Nasser, on Wednesday 24th September, 2014 at the Western Halabat Voluntary Society – Zarqa. …  

07 Oct 2014 | Article

Tree Kangaroo

Tree Kangaroo Friendly Coffee – a triple win story

Imagine protecting threatened wildlife, empowering local communities in the process and doing it all through a premium organic coffee brand. Such was the triple win solution generated by Woodland Park Zoo’s Tree Kangaroo Conservation Programme (TKCP).   …  

07 Oct 2014 | News story

Voanioala gerardii canopy

Improvement in protected areas needed to save Madagascar palms

Despite the expansion of Madagascar’s protected areas, many palm species are still threatened with extinction, primarily due to forest degradation and destructive harvesting, reveals a study published in PLOS ONE. Eighty-three percent of the 192 endemic species are threatened, exceeding estimates for all other comprehensively evaluated plant groups in Madagascar. …  

07 Oct 2014 | News story

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