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Vegetable nursery in Linda Vista, Guatemala

Communities reduce disaster risks by investing in nature

"Hurricane Stan in 2005 was the catalyst for action. We knew what needed to be done, we just did not realize the risks of inaction", said Gerardo Barrios De León, Head of the Tojgüech River Microwatershed Council. …  

23 Aug 2010 | News story

Indigenous Woman, Ecuador

Mexico’s politicians meet to explore gender role in climate change

High-level politicians from Mexico’s Ministry of Environment (SEMARNAT) met this Wednesday to understand more about how reducing inequalities between men and women will better prepare the country to address climate change. …  

20 Aug 2010 | Article

Logo of the IUCN Commission on Environmental Law (CEL)

Non Regression Principle Knowledge Forum

As you already know, the Principle of Non-Regression is an International Law Principle known by Human Rights specialists requiring that norms which have already been adopted by States not be revised, if this implies going backwards on the subject of standards of protection of collective and individual rights.

The IUCN Commission on Environmental Law has established a Knowledge Forum on the matter to take concerted action against this considerable challenge faced by environmental law. …  

19 Aug 2010 | News story

Sustainable School at Shigar (Skardu): A Dream Comes True

A long time dream of the people of Shigar came true on May 14, 2010 with inauguration of the first environmentally sustainable school – Abruzzi Higher Secondary School – in Shigar by His Excellency Vincenzo Prati, the Italian Ambassador in Pakistan.  …  

19 Aug 2010 | International news release

Mapa represas de la cuenca amazónica

Disponible mapa interactivo sobre represas en la Cuenca Amazónica

La base de datos incluye información de Brasil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador y Perú. El mapa interactivo pone a disposición información sobre más de 140 grandes represas, que fueron identificados según su estado de avance: en funcionamiento, en construcción y en planificación. …  

18 Aug 2010 | News story
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Aperçu aérien de la plaine

Plaine d'inondation de Waza Logone : enjeux

Un patrimoine exceptionnel Situé dans le bassin du lac Tchad, dans la province camerounaise de l'extrême Nord, la plaine d'inondation de Waza Logone est un espace exceptionnel d'importance vitale à la fois pour la faune, la flore et bien sûr les Hommes qui y vivent. C'est aussi un espace fragile, aux interactions complexes, qui vit suspendu à la clémence des pluies et à la générosité des inondations. L'Homme y est aussi source de menace par ses pratiques souvent trop gourmandes pour les ressources naturelles. …  

18 Aug 2010 | IUCN statement
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Blue Ventures, Madagascar

UN Population Fund sponsors ‘hugely symbolic’ Madagascar conservation project

09 August 2010, Andavadoaka, Madagascar. A pioneering conservation and development initiative in Madagascar has become the first conservation project in the country to receive support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). IUCN Member Blue Ventures has secured a UNFPA partnership to continue its public health work in southern Madagascar, supporting villagers to develop strategies to safeguard the threatened marine environment on which their livelihoods and culture depend. …  

17 Aug 2010 | Article

Maasai women taking part in vulnerability assessment, Chambogo Same District, Tanzania

Empowering people to manage water

Across East Africa, water catchment planning and development at the local level is essential for sustainable and integrated water management in the region. "It is at the local level that the opportunity for involvement of all stakeholders, including non-state actors, in water resources management exists", says Katharine Cross, IUCN Water Programme Officer. …  

17 Aug 2010 | News story

Berlin Zoo's Hippopotamus

‘United for conservation’ - welcoming WAZA to the IUCN Conservation Centre

IUCN Member Organization WAZA, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, is the voice of a worldwide community of zoos and aquariums and a catalyst for their joint conservation action. …   | French | Spanish

16 Aug 2010 | Article

Green Economy

A Guidebook to the Green Economy

The Green Economy is becoming an increasingly popular and widely used term. There are many theories, views, inititatives and expectations associated with this new concept. There also is significant confusion with regards to the real scope and potential of the Green Economy. This guidebook serves as an introduction into this complex topic, providing readers with an overview of some of the key ideas and themes currently animating the Green Economy discourse.  …  

16 Aug 2010 | Article
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