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David Without Borders (David Sans Frontiers) is a multi-media quest to discover initiatives that preserve biodiversity

Biodiversity explorers embark on micro-documentary expedition

Can you recommend a great biodiversity project they should see and film? Contact the explorers! David Without Borders (David Sans Frontieres) is a quest by two young men to discover biodiversity efforts in 14 countries. From CEC member David Ainsworth of the Convention on Biological Diversity, a project supporter.  

08 Jul 2010 | News story

Mine Pabari, ESARO, with ELC staff

An Expanding Role for Environmental Law in Eastern and Southern Africa

In recent decades, biodiversity and natural resource conservation has surfaced from being a relatively special interest topic to one of the eminent issues of our time. Probably nowhere is the need for stronger environmental protection laws and procedures greater than in least-developed countries (LDCs), such as in many parts of tropical Asia and Africa, home to significant percentages of the world’s biodiversity. …  

08 Jul 2010 | News story

decoration baskets colors

From the field

A round-up of some of the work under way by IUCN regional offices on ecosystem valuation and investment. …  

07 Jul 2010 | Article

wind farm mining exctracting soil

A small price to pay

Companies are starting to see the business sense of incorporating ecosystem service values into their operations. …  

07 Jul 2010 | Article


Cashing in

With companies capitalizing on markets for natural products and services, some nature conservation organizations are also developing commercial enterprises that generate funds
for conservation. …  

07 Jul 2010 | Article

money africa

Smart finance

Peter Carter of the European Investment Bank explains the role banks can play in safeguarding biodiversity. …  

07 Jul 2010 | Article



Biodiversity could benefit from funding being directed towards efforts to reduce deforestation under the climate change agenda. …  

07 Jul 2010 | Article

mc coffee

Informed decisions

How can ordinary people contribute to biodiversity conservation through their purchasing power? …  

07 Jul 2010 | Article

Parque National Pico Bonito, Honduras

Communities apply CRiSTAL and take action in reducing vulnerability to climate change

The devastating aftermath of tropical storm Agatha in Central America, underscored communities’ vulnerability to climate change impacts in the region. …  

06 Jul 2010 | News story

Antorcha ambiental

Ampliada fecha de postulaciones para aplicar al Premio Antorcha Ambiental

Si su organización ha realizado proyectos de incidencia política en el tema ambiental, le invitamos a participar en la V edición del “Premio Antorcha Ambiental”, que reconoce la excelencia en la labor de organizaciones que han llevado a cabo procesos de incidencia política en materia ambiental en Centroamérica. …  

06 Jul 2010 | News story

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