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El Mar de Alborán

Consenso y cooperación; claves para la supervivencia de Alborán

El Centro de Cooperación del Mediterráneo de la UICN, impulsor y referente en la creación de sinergias entre instituciones y expertos hacia un desarrollo sostenible, considera esencial el fortalecimiento del proceso de intercambio de información entre el sector público, privado, el mundo de la ciencia y la sociedad civil en el Mediterráneo para preservar los valores naturales y culturales de nuestra región. …   | French

16 Sep 2010 | International news release

Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Visions for the Future in Ghent

Ghent, 9 September, IUCN Director-General Julia Marton-Lefèvre gave the closing keynote address at the Belgian EU Presidency event “Biodiversity in a changing world”. In her speech “Visions for the Future” Julia highlighted that the EU, as the world’s largest economic block, has the power to make a huge impact (both positive and negative) on the future of biodiversity in coming decade.

16 Sep 2010 | News story

Award ceremony for Stockholm Industry Water Award

IUCN Asia Regional Water and Wetland's Programme participates in World Water Week 2010, Stockholm

IUCN, Regional Water and Wetlands Programme, Asia shares its recent publications on water at the Stockholm Water Week …  

16 Sep 2010 | News story

During the handover - Mr. Bernard O'Callaghan of IUCN Oceania handing the new tools to Mr. Pita Rokobiau and Ms Paulini Tokaduadua of the Fiji Department of Forestry.

IUCN presents new tools to boost tree planting initiative

The Fiji Department of Forestry today received new sets of planting equipment from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to support and expand the Fiji One Million Trees Initiative. The One Million Trees Initiative initiated earlier this year has so far planted 278,000 trees with the support of local communities throughout Fiji and and has also generated a lot of interest from local and international Non Government Organizations based in Fiji. IUCN has also been part of this initiative assisting to plant indigenous plants in the Suva area.  …  

15 Sep 2010 | News story

Cumaru Brazil

Sustainable wild plant harvesting proves a global success

Worldwide application of a new standard for sustainable harvesting of wild medicinal, aromatic, dye and food plants and trees is charting new ways to protect the species and their habitats and benefit the communities that depend on them, according to a new report from world wildlife trade monitoring network, TRAFFIC, a joint programme of IUCN and WWF. …  

15 Sep 2010 | News story


Queremos realmente proteger a Biodiversidade?

Neste ano de 2010, a COP da CDB volta a discutir metas, agora para 2020. Infelizmente, se não alterarmos nosso enfoque nesta questão, não teremos sucesso novamente. Não sei se podemos nos dar ao luxo de continuarmos a desprezar nossa necessidade vital dos serviços ambientais. …  

14 Sep 2010 | News story
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IUCN Regional Director for Pan-Europe, Dr Hans Friederich and President of Slovenia, Dr Danilo Türk

Honesty, realism and innovation - key ingredients for good governance

Over the last four years, the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia has emerged as an important annual gathering of global thinkers from the spheres of politics, industry, and academia from Europe, South Eastern Europe and beyond. Participation included politicians, businessmen, scientists and policy-makers from national, Regional and international institutions. …  

14 Sep 2010 | International news release

Photo de groupe

Renforcement de capacité des membres et partenaires de l’UICN

Du 9 au 11 août 2010, dans la salle de conférence de l’hôtel Soritel  Ouagadougou, s’est tenu un atelier de formation sur le processus de Réduction des Emissions liées à la Déforestation et à la Dégradation des forêts (REDD).

13 Sep 2010 | News story
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Evento preparatório para a Convenção de Diversidade Biológica, COP-10.

Brasil discute sobre um novo enfoque e estratégia de cumprimento para as metas 2020

Não se pode discutir separadamente questões de diversidade biológica e clima, havendo uma determinação do conjunto dos países em desenvolvimento de tratar ambas as questões sob uma mesma perspectiva, ressaltou a Ministra Izabella Teixeira. …  

13 Sep 2010 | News story
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The costly challenge of water and climate change

Financing the water sector in developing countries and the costs of adapting to climate change were under discussion during the World Water Week, which closed in Stockholm on 11 September. …  

13 Sep 2010 | News story

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