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Building Biodiversity Business

IUCN UK National Committee Conference: 'Taking stock, sharing action'

IUCN UK National Committee is delighted to announce the second of its themed conferences; 'The Economics of Nature: Taking stock, sharing action', which is to be held on Tuesday 16 November 2010 at  City Point, Ropemaker Street, London and is in partnership with Carbon Leapfrog. …  

15 Nov 2010 | News story

The new squid is 70cm long

New large squid found

A new species of squid has been discovered by scientists analysing 7,000 samples gathered during last year’s IUCN-led seamounts cruise in the southern Indian Ocean. …   | French | Spanish

15 Nov 2010 | International news release


Countdown 2010 rewarded for its innovation

Partners from all over the world, more than 1,100 organizations in just six years, thousands of biodiversity actions, international recognition,…now Countdown 2010 goes one step further! …  

15 Nov 2010 | News story


Seventh Regional Steering Committee Meeting (RSC-7) of the Mangroves for the Future Initiative

Seventh Regional Steering Committee Meeting (RSC-7) of the Mangroves for the Future Initiative 

15 Nov 2010 | News story
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Photo de famille

Financement des aires protégées en Afrique de l’Ouest: 6 Ministres de l’environnement et des bailleurs de fonds s’engagent à Nagoya.

Une  table ronde des bailleurs de Fonds pour le financement des aires protégées en Afrique de l’Ouest sera organisée dans le premier semestre de l’année prochaine. L’annonce  a été faite ce jeudi 28 octobre  par le ministre  représentant le premier Ministre de la Guinée Bissau au nom de ses pairs de la sous région. C’était  en marge des travaux de la 10é conférence des parties de la CBD lors d’un événement spécial organisé par le Programme Régional de la conservation de la zone côtière et marine (PRCM) et l’initiative Lifeweb du secrétariat de la Convention  sur la Diversité Biologique. …  

14 Nov 2010 | News story
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Argyropelecus acuelatus - Hatchetfish

Uncovering the ocean’s secrets

Almost one year after a team of the world’s leading marine experts returned from an expedition investigating the life in and around seamounts in the Indian Ocean, the painstaking task of identifying and cataloguing the species they found begins. The nearly 7,000 samples they gathered are almost certainly going to contain previously-undiscovered species and new data on where known species congregate, what they eat and how they behave. …  

12 Nov 2010 | News story

Pecarí de collar blanco, Amazonía Ecuatoriana

Género, alternativas productivas y soberanía alimentaria: herramientas para el cambio y la disminución de la cacería comercial en Yasuní

Conozca los avances del proyecto Disminución de Comercio Ilegal de Fauna Silvestre en la Reserva de Biosfera Yasuní, Ecuador. …  

11 Nov 2010 | News story
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Marma channel in Komadugu Yobe river basin, North East Nigeria

WANI provides participatory platforms for water decisions in West Africa

As part of the West Africa Regional Dialogue on hydraulic infrastructures initiated by ECOWAS, local communities are invited to participate with State and Basin organisations towards the decision making processes of hydro-electric dams. …   | French

11 Nov 2010 | News story

Nadi Catchment Area

Flood risk management plan for Nadi River - IUCN signs MOU

Work targeted at developing an integrated flood risk management programme for the Nadi River catchment area in Fiji has been boosted with a financial commitment from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). …  

10 Nov 2010 | News story

Inauguración del Simposio Internacional sobre Cambio Climático y Áreas Protegidas. Lima, 2010

Expertos de América Latina y Europa se reúnen en Lima para acordar la agenda sobre Cambio Climático en las Áreas Protegidas

Alrededor de 600 personas provenientes de 19 países participan desde hoy, hasta el 12 de noviembre, en el Simposio Internacional sobre Cambio Climático y Áreas Protegidas de América Latina. …  

10 Nov 2010 | News story

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