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Interested in a Training of Trainers (TOT) on Gender and Climate Change organised by IUCN and other core partners of the Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA) around the UNFCCC meetings in Bonn (June) and Copenhagen (December)? 

26 Mar 2009 | News story

Barnard's Rock-catfish (Austroglanis barnardi) 2009 IUCN Red List status: Endangered

South African fishes in the spot light

For the first time, conservation action plans are being developed to protect South African fishes from extinction. …  

25 Mar 2009 | News story

Countdown 2010 logo in Finnish

Espoo wins second edition of Finnish Countdown 2010 competition

The 550-year-old City of Espoo in Southern Finland received the 2009 award for biodiversity by the Minister of the Environment, Paula Lehtomäki. To celebrate its 550th anniversary, the City has decided to protect a 550-hectares forested area which covers three per cent of the total area of Espoo. …  

25 Mar 2009 | News story

IUCN Conservation Centre

Europe’s greenest building takes shape

An update on IUCN’s Global Conservation Centre
According to a United Nations Environment Programme report, 30-40% of all primary energy is used in buildings. Buildings account for a significant amount of gas emissions: up to 40% of global emissions according to a recent study. Over the next 25 years, emissions from buildings are expected to increase faster than in any other sector. …  

25 Mar 2009 | News story

Jane Lubchenco

Lubchenco and Holdren officially join Obama’s team

New administration welcomes two important allies for the environmental community …  

24 Mar 2009 | News story

mano de muerto (alcyonium glomeratum)

The Alboran Sea continues transnational work for the conservation of its biodiversity and sustainability

The Alboran Sea is the most western part of the Mediterranean, and is situated in the centre of the geological region, the Gibraltar Arc.  | French | Spanish

24 Mar 2009 | News story

Green is the colour

There is one word that can describe the 2009 Geneva motorshow, and this word is green. Every car manufacturer in the world now is trying to green their entire line of vehicles. From hybrids to electric cars, from new ecomotive concepts to sporty showcars powered by renewable energy: the entire industry has embraced the green idea. When will green cars become available, will they be affordable, and will they really solve our planet's problems, are all questions that remain unanswered for now. …  

24 Mar 2009 | Video

Lago Chala, lago en el cráter al sureste del Monte Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Despierta: La naturaleza tiene la solución para la crisis mundial del agua, según la UICN

Estambul, Turquía, 22 de marzo de 2009 (UICN) – Los ministros presentes en el Foro Mundial del Agua deben poner más atención al ambiente si quieren solventar la crisis mundial del agua, de acuerdo con la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (UICN). …  

23 Mar 2009 | International news release
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RSB image

Planning for a sustainable energy future: IUCN reacts to Shell’s Strategy Update

Last week Shell repeated its intention to disinvest in wind and solar power and concentrate its efforts and investments on biofuels. IUCN takes note of Shell’s decision and hopes that it can be convinced to show more leadership in renewable energy in the future. …  

23 Mar 2009 | News story

La Hora del Planeta

Apaguemos la Luz - La Hora del Planeta está cerca

Alrededor de 250 ciudades se han inscrito oficialmente a la campaña en todo el mundo ¡El próximo sábado 28 de marzo apaguemos las luces durante una hora, seamos parte de la lucha contra el cambio climático!  …  

23 Mar 2009 | News story
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