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Biodiversity Facts and Resource Links

The International Day for Biological Diversity, May 21,  focused on the links between biodiversity, human development and people’s livelihoods. This has special significance for every plant and animal on Earth, particularly during this International Year of Biodiversity, and comes at a time when world leaders are setting new targets to stop biodiversity loss. …  

28 May 2010 | News story

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74th Meeting of the IUCN Council

The 74th meeting of the IUCN Council will get underway in Gland, Switzerland on 2 June. …   | French | Spanish

28 May 2010 | News story

John Kidd, Head - IUCN Global Communications, at the 2010 CEC Steering Committee Meeting

CEC Supports IUCN Communications and World Conservation Learning Network

CEC is committed to collaboration with other commissions and programmes. CEC support to IUCN communications work, and vice versa, was the topic of a session with IUCN's John Kidd. The Steering Committee also welcomed news of the World Conservation Institute's progress at Royal Roads University, Canada. …  

28 May 2010 | News story

Keith Wheeler talks with Wendy Goldstein, CEC Deputy Chair and regional focal point for Oceania, with Konai Helu Thaman of Fiji

How CEC will engage members in the regions

The aim is to increase the number of CEC members as well as the engagement of members by working through the regional groups, with an emphasis on youth. All Regional Vice-Chairs prepared a plan of work aimed at engaging the membership. …  

28 May 2010 | News story

Sherif Kandil, CEC Speciality Group Leader for World Conservation Learning Network

How CEC Specialty Groups will engage CEC members

Specialty Groups offer CEC members a new way of participating, around the issues that interest them most. The 10 groups include learning & leadership, greening campuses, environmental security, private sector engagement and other themes. Each group prepared 'next steps' after the CEC Steering Committee Meeting. …  

28 May 2010 | News story

Planning for Congress. A flip chart from small group work at the CEC Steering Committee Meeting

Planning for the IUCN Congress and International Year of Biodiversity

Two time-sensitve areas of activity were discussed by participants at the April 2010 CEC Steering Committe Meeting in Aviemore, Scotland. CEC is making plans for the 2012 IUCN Congress in Korea. And CEC wants people to care and to take action in the International Year of Biodiversity -- Futerra has some great ideas. …  

28 May 2010 | News story

View from Insh Marshes, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

CEC Summary of Issues Raised at Aviemore

CEC’s new Specialty Group Leaders joined Steering Committee members at their annual event, meeting for the first time with CEC Regional Vice-Chairs, CEC Special Advisors, IUCN staff and guests. The group of 32 participants identified strategies and outcomes related to the International Year of Biodiversity, World Conservation Congress, and how to manage conservation knowledge to achieve results for IUCN. 

28 May 2010 | News story

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair, opens the Steering Committee Meeting in Aviemore, Scotland, 2010

CEC Steering Committee Report 2010

Key topics at CEC's annual Steering Committee Meeting included biodiversity messages, the next IUCN Congress and knowledge management. CEC welcomed 32 participants to Aviemore, Scotland, 14 to 16 April 2010. …  

28 May 2010 | News story

Establishment of a Green Corner at the Balochistan Girls Guide Association

Quetta, May 27, 2010: An awareness raising event was organized by the Balochistan Girls Guide Association. The topic of the event was Current Water Situation of Water and its Conservation. Ms. Faryal Ahmed, Communication and ESD Officer was invited to deliver a lecture to the participants on the water conservation techniques. …  

27 May 2010 | News story

Papallacta, Ecuador.

Especialistas preparan Lista Roja de árboles de bosques montanos, Andes

Son 323 especies de árboles que se encuentran en los bosques de los Andes Tropicales evaluados a nivel global por la Lista Roja de UICN; de éstos, 236 se encuentran amenazados. …  

27 May 2010 | News story

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