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Bandula barb population count with the participation of local youth

Bandula barb population count with the participation of local youth

The Bandula barb (Pethia bandula) is a point endemic species. This means that it is only found naturally at one specific location in the world – a 1.5 km stretch of stream passing through the Hapugoda, Rabbidigala and Alpitiya villages of Galapitamada in the Kegalle District of Sri Lanka. …  

31 Mar 2014 | News story


The Green Belt of Fennoscandia to become a model area for sustainable development

The Green Belt of Fennoscandia will be developed into a model area where sustainable development is supported through transboundary cooperation. The Green Belt extends from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Ocean, and includes valuable natural areas belonging to Finland, Russia and Norway. Its core is formed of national parks and protected areas on the territories of all three nations. …  

31 Mar 2014 | News story

World Water Day

Everyone Has the Right to Have Freshwater: We should celebrate World Water Day everyday

The International World Water Day is usually held annually on the 22th March, since 1993, to give attention to the importance of freshwater and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.  …  

31 Mar 2014 | Article


Economic Valuation of the Hima System: Bani Hashem Villages – Jordan

Scaling up the Hima System in Jordan is the aim. Experts from different fields gather to create criteria for potential Hima system upscaling in Amman.  …  

31 Mar 2014 | Article

Python skins are traded primarily to meet demands from the fashion industry

Kering and IUCN Boa & Python Specialist Group announce first report on captive breeding

The first report under the ‘Python Conservation Partnership’, a collaboration between Kering, the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Boa and Python Specialist Group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, has been presented today. …  

31 Mar 2014 | International news release

Minister speaking at the occasion

Towards Building Coastal Resilience in South and South-east Asia

Building coastal resilience is a priority as many coastal communities in Bangladesh and other Asian countries are particularly vulnerable to natural hazards, such as storms, floods and droughts, and to climate change. …  

30 Mar 2014 | Article

Los participantes al Taller de Arranque de PRO-DERECHOS en la sede de la UICN.

Cooperación danesa prevee nuevos logros en la región

Sentimientos de confianza y expectativas positivas expresaron los participantes en el Taller de Arranque PRO-AMBIENTE, realizado en la sede para México, Centroamérica y el Caribe de la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (UICN) en San José, Costa Rica los días 26 y 27 de marzo.  …  

28 Mar 2014 | News story
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Training of Trainers (ToT)

Participatory Video: Learning beyond borders

The wonderful thing about using a camera is that it sets young adults free from the expected idioms of books and writing and thereby helps them to explore and express. It helps them in connecting better with their surroundings and the world without. …  

27 Mar 2014 | Article

International Training Workshop on Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem

A four-day International Training Workshop on Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem concluded on March 27, 2014 at College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University, Doha, which was jointly organized by the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM) and College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University. …  

27 Mar 2014 | News story

El zorzal migratorio.

Consorcio Ambiental Dominicano promovió la creación de una nueva casa para el zorzal

La organización miembro, Consorcio Ambiental Dominicano (CAD), participó en el Pabellón SOS: Áreas Protegidas con una interesante exposición sobre el establecimiento de la Reserva Privada El Zorzal con el fin de lograr la recuperación y protección del hábitat de una especie emblemática para este país caribeño, el Zorzal Migratorio (Catharus bicknelli).  …  

27 Mar 2014 | News story
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