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Dugong under water

CMS meets ELC

Bonn is hosting several MEA Secretariats, including the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS), which aims to conserve terrestrial, marine and avian migratory species throughout their ranges. The Convention was signed in 1979 in Bonn and entered into force in 1983. Since then, its membership has grown steadily to include over 113 Parties from Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. …  

26 Jul 2010 | News story

Participants of the Transboundary Water Management training

Reality and implementation of transboundary water management

West Asia is one of the most water-stressed regions of the world. A number of countries in the region share transboundary water aquifers and rivers that may create enough reason for political conflict among those countries. Therefore, there is a vital need to develop regional strategies to manage those shared water resources, especially with the continuous increase in population growth and the resulting increase in demand for water. …  

26 Jul 2010 | News story
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International Ranger Federation

31st July - Celebrate the rangers

World Rangers Day - a day to commemorate the many Rangers killed or injured in the line of duty.
  We can do nothing to bring the fallen Rangers back, but we can honour their memory and ensure their sacrifice is never forgotten. 

26 Jul 2010 | International news release

Fire near Chapada do Veadeiros National Park, Brazil

World Heritage at work

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park (CVNP) was created in 1961 and listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2001. Occupying an area of 655 km², it lies just over 200 km from the capital Brasilia, where the World Heritage Committee is holding its annual meeting.   …  

25 Jul 2010 | Article

world heritage site

Protecting our World Heritage

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee opened its annual meeting today in Brasilia. The Committee will add new outstanding natural and cultural places to the list of World Heritage sites. IUCN plays a key role in the meeting as the advisory body assessing natural sites and recommending new nominations to the World Heritage list.  …  

25 Jul 2010 | International news release

Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Message from the Director General: IUCN's work on protecting the oceans

IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre talks about the major threats to marine biodiversity and explains what IUCN is doing to protect the oceans. …  

23 Jul 2010 | Video

Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature

A land of beauty and opportunity

On the opening day of the World Heritage Committee meeting in Brasilia, IUCN's Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre recalls the importance of World Heritage for conservation and the strong links between IUCN and Brazil. …  

23 Jul 2010 | Article


Lancement du guide « … En gouvernance partagée : un guide pratique pour les AMP d’Afrique de l’Ouest »

En marge du 5ème Forum Marin et Côtier, organisé à Nouakchott du 28 au 1er juillet 2010, s’est déroulé le lancement officiel de l’ouvrage  «  … En gouvernance partagée : un guide pratique pour les AMP d’Afrique de l’Ouest ». Plusieurs de ses auteurs étaient présents, dont Grazia Borini-Feyerabend. Le public comptait la présence de la Directrice générale et du Directeur régional de l’UICN, ainsi que diverses personnalités du PNUE, du WWF, de la FIBA et de Wetlands International. …  

23 Jul 2010 | News story
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Susan Guthridge-Gould, CEC Member

Themes for CEC Newsletters: An Invitation to Share Your News

Showcase your expertise and experience in the CEC e-newsletter. Does your story fit in one of the upcoming themes? Next deadline: September 1st. …  

23 Jul 2010 | News story
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Photo Signature Charte

La Charte Mangrove : Cinq pays de l’Afrique de l’Ouest s’engagent dans la conservation de la mangrove

En marge du forum régional côtier et marin, cinq gouvernements de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (Mauritanie, Gambie, Guinée, Guinée Bissau et Sierra Leone) ont, le 1er Juillet 2010 à Nouakchott en Mauritanie, apposé leur signature sur le document les engageant à coopérer pour la protection de la mangrove dans la sous-région. Le Sénégal s’engage à faire de même dans les prochains jours. Cette charte comprend également des plans d’actions détaillés spécifiques que chaque pays devra entreprendre. La signature est le résultat de trois années de travail conduites par l’UICN et Wetlands International. …  

22 Jul 2010 | News story
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