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Deep-sea squid (Teuthowenia pellucida)

Working Towards High Seas Biodiversity Conservation

The open oceans and deep seas represent 95 percent of the global biosphere in volume, play an important regulating role in the Earth’s climate and are home to a major part of the world’s biodiversity. However, mounting pressures from intensifying human uses, climate change and ocean acidification threaten to undermine these ecosystems’ biodiversity, balance and resilience. Due to their remoteness and the logistic difficulties linked to their exploration, these areas remain the least known and least protected places on the planet. Future conservation efforts on the high seas, the open oceans and deep seas falling outside of national jurisdiction, will thus depend on international cooperation and coordination …  

26 Nov 2009 | International news release

Inception Report Discussion

Study on the current practices of the forest management in Georgia

On November 24, the IUCN office for Southern Caucasus hosted an event under the FLEG program, on the inception report on the practices being conducted by forestry expert Merab Machavariani. …  

26 Nov 2009 | News story

Ecologists and energy experts call for making responsible choices

KARACHI NOVEMBER 25: IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, and business Council for Sustainable Development, Pakistan jointly organized a seminar titled Energy and environment: Making responsible choices. The seminar was held at the PSO house.

25 Nov 2009 | International news release


Puembo: lecciones aprendidas y retos con miras hacia una tercera fase

La Iniciativa Puembo nace en el año 2001, a partir de un taller que reunió a actores de administraciones forestales de varios países de la región y representantes de la cooperación internacional de Holanda y Alemania. …  

24 Nov 2009 | News story
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IUCN Council gets underway in Gland, Switzerland

The approval of the IUCN’s work plan and budget for the coming two years, the venue for the next World Conservation Congress (2012) and IUCN’s involvement at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (COP15) are all on the agenda as the 73rd meeting of the IUCN Council gets underway in Gland, Switzerland on November 23. …   | French | Spanish

23 Nov 2009 | News story

Three Day training workshop on project designing and proposal development

QUETTA November 23 2009. Inaugural session of a three- day training workshop on project designing and proposal development (PC-1 format) was held on November 23 at Quetta Serena hotel. The training workshop was organized by IUCN Pakistan Balochistan Programme. …  

23 Nov 2009 | News story

CEESP now on Facebook

CEESP has joined the social networking site, Facebook. If you are a member of Facebook, send a request to the Group ‘IUCN CEESP’. Facebook enables all members of CEESP to communicate with each other in all of the languages of IUCN and to share images, journeys, views and opinions. It offers another mechanism for networking across Commission regions and Themes and provides a more user friendly tool for Commission members to meet and exchange ideas. …  

23 Nov 2009 | News story

CEESP Member wins Nobel Memorial Prize

IUCN congratulates Professor Elinor Ostrom, a member of IUCN's Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy, for winning the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences Professor Ostrom, who is involved with the theme on Governance, Equity and Rights in the Commission, shared the prize with Oliver E. Williamson, for "her analysis of economic governance, especially the commons". She is the first woman to win the prize in this category. …  

23 Nov 2009 | News story

Call for Papers: Biofuels

CEESP will be producing an Occasional Paper on Biofuels. You are invited to submit short articles highlighting the impact of biofuel production on communities. Descriptions of successful efforts where local community uses of biofuels are supported without exploitation of people or the environment would also be welcome. Send your articles and images to: ( by 7 December 2009. …  

23 Nov 2009 | News story

Ramsar site: Azraq Wetland Reserve

Azraq: an oasis under pressure

Increasing water demands in water-scarce Jordan is putting pressure on one of the country’s largest groundwater basins, the Azraq oasis …  

22 Nov 2009 | News story

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