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New Solar Home System installed in a church building on the island of Mo'unga'one in Tonga.

Tonga Successfully Completes Energy Project

Two islands in the Ha’apai group in Tonga have access to electricity once again after a 6 – 10 year lapse. The islands of Mango and Mo’unga’one recently received a total of 64 solar home systems for a total of 60 households on both islands providing them with the essential access to light at night. The installation on both islands was successfully completed in June of this year with the systems running as expected for the past month.

30 Aug 2009 | News story

A completed Model Home in Palau.

Model Energy Homes in Palau

PALAU, August 2009 (IUCN)– A local program is encouraging investment in energy efficient homes to help green Palau and save people money at the same time. …  

30 Aug 2009 | News story

Mauritanian desert south of the Banc d'Arguin National Park

A few facts about drylands


28 Aug 2009 | News story

Clown fish in Moorea, French Polynesia

IUCN welcomes France’s significant scale-up of marine protected areas

France has significantly boosted progress towards improved protection of the marine environment. President Sarkozy speaking recently in Le Havre announced the creation of marine protected areas (MPAs) covering 20% of the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone. …  

27 Aug 2009 | News story

Biodiversity Websites for Teachers

CEC members working with children and young people may like this list of websites for teachers. Alicia Jimenez Elizondo of Earth Charter International Secretariat recommends websites for teachers on biodiversity and related topics in Education for Sustainable Development. …  

25 Aug 2009 | News story

Cuenca del Plata y el Gran Chaco

Cuenca del Plata y el Gran Chaco: New Website

Miembro UICN lanza un portal enfocada a la Cuence del Plata y Gran Chaco in Argentina. CEC member Federico González informs us that IUCN member PROTEGER is participating in the launch of a new portal on the Cuenca del Plata and Gran Chaco in Argentina. …  

25 Aug 2009 | News story

Jyamchang Bhotia stands atop Mt Everest with a banner protesting export of monkeys from Nepal

Banner Flies on Everest for CEC Member's Campaign

Mangal Man Shakya, Chairman of the Wildlife Watch Group in Nepal and member of IUCN CEC, is raising awareness about the export of Nepalese monkeys to labs in the United States. He presented Nepal’s new forest minister with a photo of climber Jyamchang Bhotia holding a “Stop Monkey Business” banner at the top of Mount Everest. …  

25 Aug 2009 | News story
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Training Course in Stakeholder Participation

This 3-day training course is run by CEC member Diana Pound of Dialogue Matters. The aim is to help participants to develop good practice skills in stakeholder participation with a focus on the better management of the natural environment. This course is offered 17-19 November. Similar events take place throughout the year. …  

25 Aug 2009 | News story

Camels transport Buddhist relics long-buried in Mongolia's Gobi Desert

Buried Treasure in Mongolia: Photos by CEC Member

CEC member Haroldo Castro documented the unearthing of long-buried sacred crates containing Buddhist treasures. View his photos from Mongolia on BBC News and read more in his blog Viajologia, where he incorporates observations about the environment with entertaining travel stories (in Portuguese). …  

25 Aug 2009 | News story
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Fishing on Lake Kosi in St Lucia, South Africa

New African Award for Sanitation and Hygiene Achievements

The African Ministers' Council on Water AMCOW) announces the first-ever AfricaSan Awards competition, recognizing sanitation and hygiene achievements in Africa. This invitation to apply by October 9 was sent to the attention of IUCN CEC by Tatiana Fedotova of the Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC).

25 Aug 2009 | News story

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