Istanbul diaries

Dr Hans Friederich, Head of IUCN's Strategic Partnerships

Water forum comes to a close

Dr Hans Friederich, Head of Strategic Partnerships for IUCN, talks about the success of the networking opportunities the World Water Forum presents and the messages coming out in the run-up to Copenhagen's United Nations climate change conference. …  

20 Mar 2009 | Audio

Fidaa Haddad

Water scarcity in Jordan

In many regions, water scarcity and pollution are increasingly putting human well-being at risk. One such region is Jordan. Working there for IUCN is Fidaa Haddad, and she’s been bringing these issues to the fore at the World Water Forum in Istanbul. …  

19 Mar 2009 | Audio

Stefano Barchiesi

The latest from the World Water Forum

Stefano Barchiesi, Junior Professional Associate for the IUCN Water Programme, talks us through the latest events at the World Water Forum and discusses his desire for the environment to be more prominent in discussions here in Istanbul. …  

18 Mar 2009 | Audio

Gabriela Garces, Water Officer,  IUCN  Costa Rica

Day two of the Forum: there is room for optimism

Gabriela Garces, Water Officer with IUCN in Costa Rica talks about her impressions from the ongoing meetings and about Central America's water management issues.

17 Mar 2009 | Audio

Juan Carlos Sanchez

World Water Forum kicks off in Istanbul

Juan Carlos Sanchez is a Legal Officer at IUCN’s Environmental Law Programme, based in Bonn. He explained what he’d like to see coming out of the World Water Forum …  

16 Mar 2009 | Audio