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Policy Matters (Issue 21) Call for Papers

Certification and Biodiversity - How Voluntary Certification Standards impact biodiversity and human livelihoods

Deadline for Abstracts 30 November 2015   | French | Spanish

06 Oct 2015 | Article

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From Solutions to Resolutions: A New Social Compact for Just and Effective Conservation of Biocultural Diversity – Policy Matters (Issue 20, 2015) call for papers

IUCN-CEESP is planning to devote an entire issue of its flagship Policy Matters journal to the vision of the 'New Social Compact', a movement that sought to galvanize diverse stakeholders to collectively commit to a new conservation ethic at the IUCN 2014 World Parks Congress in Sydney and beyond. …   | French | Spanish

26 May 2015 | Article

Policy Matters 19 -cover

Policy Matters 19, April 2014

Remembering Elinor Ostrom: Her work and its contribution to the theory and practice of conservation and sustainable natural resource management

Policy Matters 19 - Remembering Elinor Ostrom: Full publication

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Policy Matters 19 - Preface, Introductions and Chapters 1-5
Policy Matters 19- Chapters 6-11

Table of Contents
1. Governing India’s Commons: The Influence of Elinor Ostrom’s Ideas - Harini Nagendra, Rucha Ghate, Jagdeesh Rao
2. The Impact of Elinor Ostrom’s Scholarship on Commons Governance in Mexico: An Overview - Raul Pacheco-Vega
3. Rompiendo paradigmas: Gobernanza de los bienes comunes y ciudadanía en las políticas forestal y de conservación Mexicanas - Leticia Merino Pérez
4. An Assessment of Community Management of Traditional Woodland Enclosures(Hiza’ti) in the Highlands of Eritrea - Bereket Tsehaye Haile
5. Governing the Commons Through Customary Law Systems of Water Governance: The Case of the Marakwet -Elizabeth Gachenga
6. Researching Complex Governance Arrangements: Elinor Ostrom’s Legacy for Research Methods and the Analysis of Institutional Design -Derek Kauneckis
7.Advancing Algonquin Recognition and Participation in Forest Management in Québec, Canada - Rosanne Van Schie
8. From Theory to Practice: A Decade of Co-managing Pasture and Other Natural Resources in Mongolia - Hijaba Ykhanbai and Ronnie Vernooy
9. Recognition of the Role of Collective Action among Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in the Convention on Biological Diversity - Diego Pacheco
10. Are Ostrom’s Design Principles Sufficient for Design?
Arun Agrawal and Jesse Ribot
11. Un son para Lin Ostrom
Caña Dulce y Caña Brava

PM 13

Policy Matters 13, November 2004

History, Culture and Conservation


Download the entire document (7.08 MB)


Table of Contents and letters from the Chair and Editors

Section I: Conservation as cultural and political practice

Section II: A “cultural approach” to conservation?

Section III: Understanding and measuring biocultural diversity

Section IV: New resources from CEESP members 

PM 12

Policy Matters 12, September 2003

Community Empowerment for Conservation


Download the entire document (6 MB)


Cover and Table of Contents

Section 1: The complexities of governing protected areas
Section 1 (part 1)
Section 1 (part 2)
Section 1 (part 3)

Section 2: The civil society speaks out!

Section 3: CCAs and CMPAs: A full spectrum of learning and struggles
Section 3 (part 1)
Section 3 (part 2)
Section 3 (part 3)
Section 3 (part 4)
Section 3 (part 5)
Section 3 (part 6)
Section 3 (part 7)

Section 4: New resources for CEESP members

PM 11

Policy Matters 11, September 2003

Trade, Environment and Investment: Cancun and beyond


Download the entire document  (1.5 MB)

Cover, Table of Contents and Letters from the Editor and Chair

Section 1: Trade, Biodivesity and Environment: Crafting the link

Section 2: Environment and Trade Regimes: Relations and linkages

Section 3: Regional and national focus

Section 4: Trade and IUCN

Letters to the editor, Network News, Events at Cancun and beyond, CEESP Steering Committee


Policy Matters 10, September 2002

Sustainable Livelihoods and Co-management of Natural Resources


Download the entire document (2.9 MB)


Table of Contents
Section 1 - Policy affects livelihoods!
Section 2 - Community organizing and action
Section 3 - Co-managing the sources of livelihoods
Section 4 - Learning from practice
Section 5 - New resources from CEESP members 

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