We foster a balanced, holistic and integrated approach for managing coastal ecosystems in order to meet long-term ecological, economic and social interests

IUCN Asia’s Coastal and Marine Programme supports sound policy and integrated coastal management interventions as a balanced response to coastal ecosystem issues and to help meet the long-term needs of their users. Knowledge management and capacity development are our key focus areas, aimed at strengthening both marine and coastal management.

We strive to:

  • Achieve sustainable development of coastal and marine areas
  • Reduce vulnerability to natural hazards
  • Maintain essential ecological processes, life support systems and biological diversity
  • Strengthen institutional and governance capacity for Integrated Coastal Management
  • Build sustainable financing opportunities for coastal management
  • Capture and disseminate lessons in best practice, both locally and globally

Our core principle asserts that thriving coastal ecosystems are fundamental for sustaining healthy livelihoods. We act as a regional link in strengthening coastal management practices at the local, national and trans-boundary scale. In partnership with IUCN’s secretariat, members, commissions and a wide spectrum of project partners, the Regional Coastal and Marine Programme works by developing and supporting the implementation of regional projects, as well as by providing technical input for various national projects and global initiatives within South and South East Asia.