Regional Conservation Forum

2015 Regional Conservation Forum

Over 400 conservation experts will gather in Helsinki, Finland, for the 2015 IUCN Regional Conservation Forum for Europe, North & Central Asia. Together, they will shape the future of conservation in Europe by identifying the actions and forging the synergies needed for change to happen.

In a rapidly changing and interdependent world, the battle for the conservation of nature is not one of individual attempts anymore. Today more than ever before, the world needs irreversible transformational changes, and these will only be achieved through a collective effort where actions at all scales complement and build on each other. IUCN is in a unique position to deliver such a model of work through mobilizing the power of its Members (States, Government agencies, and NGOs), National Committees, Commissions and Secretariat. Nature is our joint responsibility, and only joint action will allow us to progress.

In a global context of growing population, glaring inequality and a precarious environmental base, the 2015 Regional Conservation Forum for Europe, North and Central Asia will show the actions that IUCN Members and partners are taking – today – to collaborate to balance the economic, social and environmental strands of sustainable development, highlighting not just the perils of delaying action, but also the options that exist to transform sustainable development from theory to reality and jointly create the future we want.

Regional Conservation Forum for Europe

The general objectives of the European Conservation Forum are to:

  1. Enable debates and knowledge and experience sharing among participants;
  2. Reflect on and promote the priorities of the European conservation community;
  3. Discuss the draft IUCN Programme and create consensus on actions and commitments towards its implementation at national and regional level, in Europe;
  4. Discuss the priorities and strategy for engaging in EU environmental policy;
  5. Fulfil the statutory requirements for the IUCN Regional Conservation Forums and promote Members participation in the governance processes of the IUCN World Conservation Congress;
  6. Showcase successes and conservation results.

Keep an eye open for more news about the Regional Conservation Forum. We hope to see you in Helsinki!