IUCN position

Thanks notably to its unique and broad network of associated experts in environmental policy and law, IUCN is well positioned to assist in analyzing the implementation status of previous commitments and in reminding governments about the obligations to which they have committed since 1992 and the ways in which these obligations have been and could be operational at the national and local level. Through its global reach and decentralized structure, IUCN can also play a strong role in helping countries prepare for meaningful discussions and, where appropriate, decisions to be taken at the conference.


Green Economy

The concept of a Green Economy has become increasingly prominent in environmental policy discussions. The ongoing financial crisis has supported the emergence of this topic, as uncertainty on the sustainability of the current global economic system grows. The Green Economy will be at the heart of the forthcoming Rio+20 Conference next year, where it will be discussed in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication.

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Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development

Improving international environmental governance or sustainability governance, was another issue considered for the agenda and the second theme supported by countries to be discussed as the Rio+20 Conference.

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Emerging policy issues

IUCN should also address other crucial challenges at the Rio+20 Conference such as water, oceans and forests.

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