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Boat at Tawyagyi Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourism: a threat or an opportunity? A view from Myanmar’s iconic Ayeyarwady River

Biodiversity concerns are not often considered in tourism – unless an area is considered environmentally sensitive or is a designated site of natural importance, or if major infrastructure is planned. But in general, tourism can have major impacts on nature, and even the sudden influx of tourists in places that were otherwise sparsely visited will have repercussions on animals and plants and their environment. …  

09 Oct 2015 | Article

Riberas del Lago Titicaca

Apoyando la conservación del Lago Titicaca a través de la Gestión Integrada de los Recursos Hídricos transfronterizos

Con miras a fortalecer la cooperación y las capacidades locales para la gestión sostenible del agua en cuencas transfronterizas, el proyecto BRIDGE Andes en coordinación con el Ministerio de Ambiente y Agua de Bolivia (MMAyA), la Autoridad Nacional del Agua del Perú (ANA) y la Autoridad Binacional del Lago Titicaca (ALT) desarrollaron dos talleres sobre planificación y gestión integrada de recursos hídricos en el Lago Titicaca.   …  

09 Oct 2015 | News story

Comunidad Shampuyacu

Perú inició la construcción de Acuerdos de Conservación para la distribución de benéficos REDD+

La Oficina Regional para América del Sur de la UICN en alianza con AIDER y Conservación Internacional Perú, socios implementadores del proyecto “REDD+: apoyando a países y comunidades en el diseño de esquemas para la distribución de beneficios Perú”, continúa con su trabajo conjunto en la comunidad de San Martín donde se han iniciado varias actividades en torno a la construcción y análisis de los acuerdos de conservación.  …  

08 Oct 2015 | News story


Towards a ‘Blue Society’

Our global ocean is vast, covering over 70% of the Earth, and provides us with a wide range of goods and services which are crucial for our well-being. Despite its enormous contribution to life on earth, our ocean is facing a major crisis. Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and overexploitation of resources are threatening the integrity of our complicated and delicate marine ecosystems. …  

08 Oct 2015 | News story

The Samoan voyaging canoe Gaualofa departing Apia, Samoa, as part of the Mua Voyage to the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 in Sydney

Change is in the sea: from SDGs and MPAs to resolutions and global commitments

As governments, the UN, NGOs and civil society organisations met at the Sustainable Development Goals Summit in New York last month, the world is slowly recognising the critical role that a healthy environment, and healthy oceans, can play in addressing current challenges including poverty, climate change, food and water security, and reducing the risk of disasters. …  

08 Oct 2015 | Article

Launching event of the project "Strengthening capacity in National Nature Protection - preparation for Natura 2000 network"

New project on improving the protected areas in Albania

The focus of the new project is on implementing at least five management plans of the protected areas in Albania, and preparing a preliminary list of Natura 2000 sites. As project partner IUCN will provide technical support in relation to managing the protected areas, including capacity building, communications and visibility.  …  

08 Oct 2015 | News story

Giant Clam in Vamizi Community Sanctuary, Mozambique

If you want to go far, go together: Community based conservation in Vamizi Island, Mozambique

The Vamizi Community Sanctuary (CS) is located on the western side of the Vamizi Island, covering an area of about 10,000 hectares of reefs, mangroves, sand flats and deeper waters, and extending 3 miles out to sea. It is one of the most successful examples of a community managed protected area in East Africa, with less than 10 years and measurable benefits. …  

08 Oct 2015 | Article

Anne Walton

Anne Walton, NOAA - A career in marine conservation

Anne Walton has been a leading figure on marine protected area (MPA) issues, in the US and beyond, since the early 1990’s. She was instrumental in building up and leading NOAA’s International MPA Capacity Building Program, which has benefitted MPA practitioners in over 30 countries. As Anne steps down from the leadership of the program to move into new areas of marine conservation, we highlight her remarkable contributions to strengthening MPA management around the globe. …  

08 Oct 2015 | Article

Travaux de groupe au cours de l'atelier Bridge

Gouvernance de l’eau : les acteurs du Bassin du Lac Tchad et du Fleuve Mano partagent leurs expériences à Abidjan

Au cours d’un atelier régional de formation et partage d’expériences organisé dans le cadre du projet Bridge Africa, les acteurs des bassins du lac Tchad et du fleuve Mano ont travaillé sur la question de la gouvernance transfrontalière des cours d’eau du 5 au 7 octobre à Abidjan. …  

08 Oct 2015 | News story

Policy Matters (Issue 21) Call for Papers

Certification and Biodiversity - How Voluntary Certification Standards impact biodiversity and human livelihoods.

CEESP TSEAPRISE Certification and biodiversity Project
The IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP) is planning Issue 21 of its peer-reviewed journal, Policy Matters. Our TSEAPRISE-led team is soliciting expressions of interest and abstracts from those interested in the biodiversity and social impacts of voluntary certification standards (VCS) and call for abstracts of up to 250 words for short articles (2500 – 5000 words) on this topic. 

06 Oct 2015 | Article

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