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PM 13

Policy Matters 13, November 2004

History, Culture and Conservation


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Table of Contents and letters from the Chair and Editors

Section I: Conservation as cultural and political practice

Section II: A “cultural approach” to conservation?

Section III: Understanding and measuring biocultural diversity

Section IV: New resources from CEESP members 

PM 12

Policy Matters 12, September 2003

Community Empowerment for Conservation


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Cover and Table of Contents

Section 1: The complexities of governing protected areas
Section 1 (part 1)
Section 1 (part 2)
Section 1 (part 3)

Section 2: The civil society speaks out!

Section 3: CCAs and CMPAs: A full spectrum of learning and struggles
Section 3 (part 1)
Section 3 (part 2)
Section 3 (part 3)
Section 3 (part 4)
Section 3 (part 5)
Section 3 (part 6)
Section 3 (part 7)

Section 4: New resources for CEESP members

PM 11

Policy Matters 11, September 2003

Trade, Environment and Investment: Cancun and beyond


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Cover, Table of Contents and Letters from the Editor and Chair

Section 1: Trade, Biodivesity and Environment: Crafting the link

Section 2: Environment and Trade Regimes: Relations and linkages

Section 3: Regional and national focus

Section 4: Trade and IUCN

Letters to the editor, Network News, Events at Cancun and beyond, CEESP Steering Committee

Previous issues (in Newsletter format)

Policy Matters 10, September 2002

Sustainable Livelihoods and Co-management of Natural Resources


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Table of Contents
Section 1 - Policy affects livelihoods!
Section 2 - Community organizing and action
Section 3 - Co-managing the sources of livelihoods
Section 4 - Learning from practice
Section 5 - New resources from CEESP members