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Forests are under the spotlight as never before. They are globally important in regulating climate and locally important in sustaining communities and supporting biodiversity. But with unsustainable logging, and agriculture and biofuel producers competing for land, forests, and the people who depend on them, are under increasing pressure.

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What’s in it for me? Engaging local communities in conservation

Edmund Barrow, Regional Forest Advisor from IUCN’s Forest Conservation Programme in Africa, is based in Nairobi but supports the Forest Programme across the whole continent. Engagement with local communities is a very important part of his work. Here he talks about the challenges that this entails and how conservation work can bring real-life benefits both to people and to the environment. …  

21 May 2010 | Audio

Social Assessment of Conservation Initiatives

Social Assessment of Conservation Initiatives - CEESP TILCEPA and TGER member and Regional Vice-Chair (Oceania) has been involved in the production of the following report. …  

21 May 2010 | Downloads - publication

REDD and Communities Task Force calls for case studies on ICCAs and the “underlying causes of forest conservation”

The REDD and Communities Task Force of CEESP and the Global Forest Coalition have started a new initiative to map, document and promote successful examples of Indigenous and non-Indigenous community-driven forest conservation and restoration, and the incentive systems and policy frameworks that have made them work. …  

21 May 2010 | News story


The value of biodiversity

This edition of the FAO publication "Nature and Faune" is dedicated to investigating the value of biodiversity, including inputs from work and authors connected to IUCN's Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy. …  

20 May 2010 | Downloads - document
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Foro Biodiversidad y Bienestar Humano. Ecuador, 2010

Biodiversidad: garantía de bienestar para el ser humano

En el Día Internacional de la Diversidad Biológica, el Programa de Estudios Socioambientales de la FLACSO, el Fondo de Desarrollo de las Naciones Unidas para la Mujer (UNIFEM) y la UICN realizaron un foro que evidenció, a través de la exposición de casos, la importancia de la conservación de la biodiversidad para el mantenimiento de los medios de vida …  

20 May 2010 | News story

Preparing the palm nuts, Nrakrom village, Ghana

PROFOR-IUCN Poverty-Forest Tool Kit

"An estimated 1.2 billion people rely on forests for some part of their livelihoods. However, the importance of forests is often overlooked in national development processes such as poverty reduction strategies due to inadequate evidence documenting how forests sustain the poor. …  

19 May 2010 | Downloads - document

Paraphe de l’Accord de Partenariat Volontaire FLEFT entre le Cameroun et l’Union Européenne

Paraphe de l’Accord de Partenariat Volontaire FLEGT entre le Cameroun et l’Union Européenne

Le gouvernement du Cameroun et les vingt cinq ont paraphé le 06 mai 2010, l’accord de partenariat volontaire FLEGT. C’était au cours d’une cérémonie officielle présidée par le Ministre camerounais des forêts et de la faune (MINFOF) et le chef de la Délégation de la Commission Européenne au Cameroun, en présence du ministre de la planification et de l’aménagement du territoire, des chefs de missions diplomatiques, des parlementaires, ainsi que des représentants du secteur privé et de la société civile. …  

19 May 2010 | Fact sheet
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Fishing on Lake Kosi in St Lucia, South Africa

Conservation challenges in Eastern and Southern Africa

A lack of technical know-how and limited funding are some of the problems faced by IUCN and its members in Eastern and Southern Africa, where work is continuing to focus on the region's drylands, forests, inland waterways, coastal and marine environments. Hastings Chikoko, Head of IUCN South Africa and Head of Constituency Support and Communications for Eastern and Southern Africa, has been attending talks in Nairobi which will affect the Convention on Biological Diversity. He says that getting across the message that conservation and development can work alongside each other is key to work in the region.

15 May 2010 | Audio

Forests of SE Cameroon

The effectiveness of integrated conservation and development interventions in a Central African forest landscape

A recent study in Cameroon has found that participatory modeling is a valuable means of capturing the complexities of achieving conservation at landscape scales and of stimulating innovative solutions to entrenched problems. …  

14 May 2010 | Downloads - document

Selva Viva, Napo. Amazonía Ecuatoriana

Bioma Amazónico en la vitrina del CDB

RedParques, UICN, la SCDB y WWF presentaron la iniciativa de conservación del Bioma Amazónico, en Nairobi. …  

11 May 2010 | News story


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